This is just pure BS incarnated into a single deck. If played correctly; this deck can get you infinite energy, life, 6/6 beast tokens, and allow you to play your whole deck for free (without decking yourself). The only drawback is that this deck is really unstable and will cause migraines. Here's a few card combos: 2X Felidar Guardian + Decoction Module + Panharmonicon + Aetherworks Marvel= Free deck (minus lands)! 2X Felidar Guardian + Decoction Module + Architect of the Untamed= Infinite 6/6 beasts! 2X Felidar Guardian + Pious Evangel  Flip + Aetherflux Reservoir= Infinite life and damage source!This is another FNM deck I'm wanting to use and I need ideas for a sideboard.


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