Hello and welcome to my deck! So the story behind this deck is that me and my friend Pendomra were playing Magic online together and this was made as a revenge deck for his Attacking Costs Extra pillow fort deck that he used on me. I think it's my magnum opus. I wouldn't recommend building it in real life though because you'll spend over a thousand dollars and nobody will want to play Magic with you anymore. Seriously though if you're playing in a multi-person edh game you'll be a HUGE target especially if your opponents know what you're trying to do.

So obviously the goal is to cast Enduring Ideal as soon as possible. Use the tutor cards to try to get it into your hand and if you already have it in your hand then consider tutoring Sol Ring , Mana Crypt , Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx or Serra's Sanctum to cast it sooner, or Twincast if you wish to cast it twice (yes that works!), or Boseiju, Who Shelters All if you are worried about it being countered or even Land Tax if you find yourself short on lands.

Once you cast Enduring Ideal if you aren't in imminent danger consider grabbing Paradox Haze as it allows you to grab 2 enchantments on your subsequent turns (or 4 if you also cast Twincast , or even 6 if you cast one of Copy Enchantment or Estrid's Invocation on Paradox Haze or 8 if you cast both as well!). Next you'll probably want to grab Solitary Confinement , Dovescape and Phyrexian Arena . Once these cards are out the game is as good as done you can basically just faceroll and keep the game going as long as you please (much to your opponents' chagrin). Adding Starfield of Nyx to this allows you to play a discarded enchantment from your graveyard on each of your upkeeps potentially allowing up to 12 enchantments per turn!!! Archetype of Imagination and Moat are also a ridiculous defensive combo. Solemnity and Decree of Silence is another combo that creates an even better lockdown than Dovescape although it needs 2 pieces to work properly. Finally the Enchanted Evening and Opalescence combo will destroy all lands which you won't be needing much after casting Enduring Ideal anyways.

Keep in mind that once you cast Enduring Ideal all the nonland cards in your hand are essentially dead cards since you can no longer play spells. So try to cast the important ones before you cast Enduring Ideal . However note that you should ALMOST NEVER cast Dovescape before Enduring Ideal as that would counter it and give you 7 Bird Tokens instead. Casting Dovescape using Enduring Ideal is kind of a loophole because because it copies the spell each turn and puts the enchantments directly into play rather than 'playing' anything. If you happen to end up with Dovescape in your hand you'll have to either discard Dovescape using Solitary Confinement and then return it to the battlefield using Starfield of Nyx AFTER Enduring Ideal has been cast or simply use Boseiju, Who Shelters All to cast Enduring Ideal after playing Dovescape .

Other than that it's pretty straight-forward. Once you have the game locked down you can win by either getting out both Exquisite Blood and Sanguine Bond (this creates an infinite loop that is all but impossible to break if Dovescape is out), or you can bring out Test of Endurance and get to 50 life, or simply bring out your choice of Bitterblossom , Luminarch Ascension , Dreadhorde Invasion , Dawn of Hope , Heliod, God of the Sun , Starfield of Nyx or Opalescence and beat your opponents to death while they're completely helpless.

Some other interactions to consider are Solemnity with Phyrexian Unlife on the positive side and Solemnity with Aurification / Luminarch Ascension / Dreadhorde Invasion on the negative side. Also Paradox Haze and subsequently Copy Enchantment and Estrid's Invocation will give you more life per turn from Oloro, Ageless Ascetic , more Faerie Rogue Tokens from Bitterblossom , more amass from Dreadhorde Invasion , more card draw from Phyrexian Arena and of course more discarding required for Solitary Confinement . Speaking of which don't forget that Solitary Confinement prevents you from taking damage which includes things like Mana Crypt , Ancient Tomb and City of Brass . Finally if any specific creatures, artifacts or enchantments that your opponents control are giving you problems remember there are plenty of ways to take care of them even after Enduring Ideal has been cast such as Grasp of Fate , Detention Sphere , Banishing Light , Oblivion Ring , Darksteel Mutation and Aura of Silence .

Anyways thank you so very much for checking out my deck and reading this far. Hope you try it out and have some fun at the expense of your friends. ;)


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