I've been working on this deck for quite a while, and this is truly the very deck with which everything started for me in EDH, and to which I constantly return. Since its birth, there have been a variety of changes, the deck has evolved from a stax archetype to a combo, then to a combo control.

I chose Oloro as the commander for this deck, wanting to assemble a classic stax deck with a lot of stax pieces and to abuse its free life gain in many ways, and it was fun (well, at least for me), until I tried to use Flash-Rector package. And from that moment everything changed, I started to brew different synergies with this package, became more confident in using graveyard for recursion loops, and I fell in love in Omniscience .

For a very long time I used in the deck Omniscience + Enter the Infinite combo for instant win. This combination was the cornerstone of this deck, reflecting its philosophy - I want it all, and I want it now! But, after testing many build options, I concluded that three problems need to be fixed, to make the deck even better:

  1. Enter the Infinite
  2. Commander as a winning condition
  3. A good plan "B"

Below are descriptions of these problems, and how their solutions affected the deck itself.

In general, Enter the Infinite is an auto inclusion in the decks that uses Omni, but in the process of many tests I understood that this card is often a dead draw in my hand and a huge pain when you draw it with Dark Confidant , or Ad Nauseam . If Omniscience is really a powerful card and there are ways for it to be cheated on the battlefield, Enter the Infinite is applicable only with Omniscience or infinite mana engines, and it makes it useless outside of combos.

I started to brew my own Omni package WITHOUT this clunky Enter the Infinite , so which cards should we use to be able to win instantly with Omniscience ? For now, I use Archaeomancer with sorcery/instant spells that either flicker, or return Archaeomancer to my hand. With Omniscience it creates infinite loops, e.g.:

  1. Snap - infinite land untaps
  2. Winds of Rebuke - mill everyone
  3. Dramatic Rescue - infinite life
  4. Blink of an Eye - infinite card draw (after Archaeomancer + Snap loop)
  5. Oust to close the game with Omni on the field. (currently testing it)

Here how we usually put Omniscince and combos together:

  1. Kill the Academy Rector - we use a lot of good and cheap cards for that
  2. Flash + Academy Rector - classic combo which can put Omni on the table on turn 1
  3. Academy Rector + Diabolic Intent - usually this combination leads to immediate win, because this opens the way for the Lines to victory described in eponymous section.
  4. Buried Alive + reanimation -> Angel of Glory's Rise , Academy Rector and Spellseeker in the GY. Cast reanimation spell and put Angel of Glory's Rise and Academy Rector and Spellseeker on the field. Fetch Slaughter Pact / Culling the Weak / Cabal Therapy or Diabolic Intent with Spellseeker's ability, and use it to kill Rector.
  5. Buried Alive + reanimation -> Angel of Glory's Rise , Recruiter of the Guard and Spellseeker in the GY. Cast reanimation spell and put Angel of Glory's Rise and Recruiter of the Guard and Spellseeker on the field. Fetch Academy Rector and Flash .

Now all we need when we have our Omni online to setup the combos is any tutor from this deck which searches a card in to our hand, for example – cast Recruiter of the Guard -> fetch Spellseeker , cast Spellseeker -> fetch Demonic Tutor , cast Demonic Tutor -> fetch Archaeomancer , cast Archaeomancer -> return Demonic Tutor to your hand, cast Demonic Tutor fetch Snap / Dramatic Rescue - > start Your engine! As we see, we don’t need Enter the Infinite to get our combo to win, it's better instead we'll have another tutor to play with Omni on the table.

So, now we have our combo ready to go off with Omni on the field, and here how it works, for example with Snap - cast Snap for free targeting Archaeomancer and untap two lands, cast Archaeomancer for free, it triggers on ETB and returns Snap to our hand, from here we can repeat this loop ad nauseam. So along with Omni we create infinite mana from our lands, we need this mana to cast Oloro and win the game with him. We can end this loop by fetching Demonic Tutor again instead of Snap , and now having Omni on the field and infinite mana in mana pull we can tutor for Dramatic Rescue , from here we can win with Oloro, description is below.

Another way is to start the loop with Dramatic Rescue , gain infinite life, and stop the loop fetching Ad Nauseam . From here (without Enter the Infinite ) we can draw all our library (we need our answers to prevent our opponents from disrupting our plans) and proceed in something like Winds of Rebuke loop with Archaeomancer milling our opponents to death.

Thus, this deck theoretically can end the game on turn 1 or turn 2. For example:

Here we smoothly go to the second problem - Commander as a winning condition. So, we cast Oloro from the command zone.

I always wanted Oloro to be used as a key card to win, having your commander as a winning condition frees up card slots and makes it more safe to win. And theoretically it is possible, since Oloro’s second ability allows, under certain conditions, to kill all opponents - “Whenever you gain life, you may pay . If you do, draw a card and each opponent loses 1 life.”. So repeatable life gain and a lot of mana is what we need. For now, I test Dramatic Rescue and Oust . Can't say for sure is it worth it or not, or maybe there are more reliable ways to win with life gain and Oloro, so this way of winning is in testing mode right now.

Here how it works - after we created infinite mana and played Oloro we can stop Archaeomancer 's loop by fetching a tutor again from our GY and search for Dramatic Rescue , from here we can cast DR the required number of times for Oloro to trigger, each time we pay from our infinite mana pool, draw a card, and drain our opponents for 1 life.

At once I will say that for now, I'm currently looking for a good alternative winning condition, and I tried Arena Rector with a few planeswalkers and some recursion loops with sac outlets. But for now, I decided to refuse from those variants. In current version of the deck I use Notion Thief with wheel spells and Thief of Sanity as alternative win cons if the game lasts to long.

Custom Oloro was made and designed by Fanny Prouté (

Any comments and suggestions are welcome!


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Ad Nauseam is out, Bolas's Citadel is in.

Citadel has incredible potential and literally created for Oloro.

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