Oloro, Ageless Ascetic Taxmaster, Lifemaster, and Prison Warden. Suggestions Welcome!

Consecrated Sphinx = A Fantastic creature that draws you more cards for each player at the table.
Crested Sunmare = Its a neat creature that combos with a few other cards to just let me have a ton of horses with indestructible
Doom Whisperer = Fantastic deck filtering for very little cost.
Drogskol Reaver = Evasion, Lifegain, and Card advantage all in one body
Erebos, God of the Dead = Card advantage at the cost of a tiny bit of life, also prevents the opponent from getting more life
Kambal, Consul of Allocation = Taxes the opponent for playing noncreature spells while gaining us life
Karlov of the Ghost Council = Fantastic creature that grows whenever we gain life and can function as creature removal
Serra Ascendant = Great value creature since I should always be above 40 life
Sun Titan = A great card that can recur roughly 60% of my deck
Ad Nauseam = Great card advantage
Angel's Grace = As a way to protect ourselves from death
Anguished Unmaking = Fantastic removal spell
Cyclonic Rift = The best one sided board wipe in blue
Disallow = Dynamic counterspell
Demonic Consultation = Deck search while also comboing with Laboratory Maniac or Approach of the Second Sun
Enlightened Tutor = Another copy of any artifact or enchantment in our deck allowing us to tutor up many wincons before our turn
Lim-Dul's Vault = Great deck filtering to stack our next few draws
Mystic Confluence = A counterspell that does more
Mystical Tutor = Another copy of any instant or sorcery in our deck that also combos with Approach of the Second Sun
Pact of Negation = Fantastic counterspell to help protect your combo even if you tap out
Render Silent = Fantastic counterspell
Teferi's Protection - The ultimate no
Austere Command = Fantastic board wipe
Demonic Tutor = A second copy of any card in our deck
Merciless Eviction = Fantastic boardwipe, can hit just about anything you need to at the time
Supreme Verdict = Uncounterable board wipe that usually wont affect us since we play few creatures at a time
Toxic Deluge = Cheap board wipe that uses my huge life and gets around indestructable
Authority of the Consuls = Delays your opponent's creature and is lifegain
Blind Obedience = Delays your opponent's creatures and artifacts and provides an extort trigger
Boon Reflection = Doubles any life gain
Breathstealers's Crypt = Upkeep tax and hand knowledge
Exquisite Blood = One half of the major infinite combo of the deck
Frozen Æther = Fantastic delay for anything the opponent wants to do
Imprisoned in the Moon = Fantastic remover for any commander
Luminarch Ascension = A card that synergises with our prison effects to help us make creatures when we dont take damage. It can also function as a wincon through beating face with angels.
Omniscience = A fantastic card that can function either as a wincon when you play all your combo pieces in a turn or just a great card to get out a few great spells
Phyrexian Arena = Card draw engine for life payment
Polluted Bonds = Fantastic tax for playing lands
Rhystic Study = Does your opponent want to pay one more for that
Sanguine Bond = The other piece of the main infinite combo of the deck
Search for Azcanta  Flip = Fantastic deck filtering
Smothering Tithe = Fantastic mana ramp that allows us to play bigger and bigger spells faster for a quicker win
Sphere of Safety = A fantastic prison effect that only gets bigger
Aetherflux Reservoir = Generally a kill against any other player
Alhammarret's Archive = Doubles both lifegain and card draw
Azorius Signet = Mana rock
Bolas's Citadel = Way of generating card advantage through our high life total through a pseudo Ad Nauseam effect while also comboing with Sensei's Divining Top to draw our deck
Crawlspace = Makes it so your opponent can not attack you very well
Dimir Signet = Mana rock
Orzhov Signet = Mana rock
Sensei's Divining Top = Card Advantage while also comboinf with Bolas's Citadel to draw our deck
Sol Ring = Fantastic mana rock and commander staple
Thought Vessel = Hand cap removal and mana rock
Vedalken Orrery = Gives all my spells flash so I can leave up mana for counterspells or flash something else big in on my opponents turns, like a wincon
Jace, Wielder of Mysteries = Fantastic card advantage from a walker while also functioning as a wincon
Narset Transcendent = Another fantastic walker that lends us card advantage, lets us reuse some of our spells and can prevent your opponents from doing much if she ults
Teferi, Hero of Dominaria = Fantastic Walker that gives card advantage, removal and a potentil wincon if it ults
The wincons of the deck are:
Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond for infinite life drain to all opponents,
Beacon of Immortality + Sanguine Bond to shoot down one opponent at at time,
Aetherflux Reservoir + Exquisite Blood to shoot down all opponents in succession,
Omniscience + Vedalken Orrery to just dump our hand, including any wincons before our upkeep,
Approach of the Second Sun + Spoils of the Vault / Demonic Consultation to be able to cast Approach twice in a turn,
Jace, Wielder of Mysteries + Demonic Consultation to mill our library away and make us win if we draw another card
Jace, Wielder of Mysteries + Ad Nauseam / Spoils of the Vault + Angel's Grace which will let us mill our library and win if we draw one card. The only issue with Spoils is if we dont draw a card we lose due to having 0 life on our next turn since Angel's Grace cant prevent us from losing life off the Spoils
Bolas's Citadel + Sensei's Divining Top to draw one card for one life until we find Aetherflux Reservoir to blast the opponents away
or just Luminarch Ascension angel beats.



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