Oloro, Ageless Ascetic Taxmaster, Lifemaster, and Prison Warden. Suggestions Welcome!

Consecrated Sphinx = A Fantastic creature that draws you more cards for each player at the table.
Crested Sunmare = Its a neat creature that combos with a few other cards to just let me have a ton of horses with indestructible
Doom Whisperer = Fantastic deck filtering for very little cost. Also is a part of a combo
Drogskol Reaver = Evasion, Lifegain, and Card advantage all in one body
Erebos, God of the Dead = Card advantage at the cost of a tiny bit of life, also prevents the opponent from getting more life
Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur = Huuuge Hand and card advantage while removing youre opponents hands
Kambal, Consul of Allocation = Taxes the opponent for playing noncreature spells while gaining us life
Karlov of the Ghost Council = Fantastic creature that grows whenever we gain life and can function as creature removal
Laboratory Maniac = A wincon card for the Doom Whisperer Second Chance combo
Serra Ascendant = Great value creature since I should always be above 40 life
Sun Titan = A great card that can recur roughly 60% of my deck while being a combo piece
Anguished Unmaking = Fantastic removal spell
Blue Sun's Zenith = Great card advantage and a mana sink for late game when you need to dig for a wincon
Cyclonic Rift = The best one sided board wipe in blue
Disallow = Dynamic counterspell
Pact of Negation = Fantastic counterspell to help protect your combo even if you tap out
Render Silent = Fantastic counterspell
Sphinx's Revelation = Life/Card Advantage, Mana sink, Also plays well into Psychosis Crawler for damage
Teferi's Protection - The ultimate no
Austere Command = Fantastic board wipe
Debt to the Deathless = Finisher in the deck, Huge mana sink
Exsanguinate = Giant lifedrain card, Diet Debt to the Deathless , Mana sink
Merciless Eviction = Fantastic boardwipe, can hit just about anything you need to at the time
Recurring Insight = Massive card draw
Supreme Verdict = Uncounterable board wipe that usually wont affect us since we play few creatures at a time
Toxic Deluge = Cheap board wipe that uses my huge life and gets around indestructable
Authority of the Consuls = Delays your opponent's creature and is lifegain
Blind Obedience = Delays your opponent's creatures and artifacts and provides an extort trigger
Boon Reflection = Doubles any life gain
Breathstealers's Crypt = Upkeep tax and hand knowledge
Exquisite Blood = One half of the major infinite combo of the deck
Frozen AEther = Fantastic delay for anything the opponent wants to do
Ghostly Prison = Makes it so the opponent is unable to attack you
Imprisoned in the Moon = Fantastic remover for any commander
Luminarch Ascension = A card that synergises with our prison effects to help us make creatures when we dont take damage. It can also function as a wincon through beating face with angels.
Omniscience = A fantastic card that can function either as a wincon when you play all your combo pieces in a turn or just a great card to get out a few great spells
Painful Quandary = Huge tax card for any spell
Phyrexian Arena = Card draw engine for life payment
Polluted Bonds = Fantastic tax for playing lands
Propaganda = Makes it so the opponent is unable to attack you
Rhystic Study = Does your opponent want to pay one more for that
Sanguine Bond = The other piece of the main infinite combo of the deck
Search for Azcanta  Flip = Fantastic deck filtering
Second Chance = Part of the combo with Doom Whisperer and Sun Titan to allow us to take infinite turns and win through Laboratory Maniac
Sphere of Safety = A fantastic prison effect that only gets bigger
Test of Endurance = The other alternate win con
Aetherflux Reservoir = Generally a kill against any other player
Alhammarret's Archive = Doubles both lifegain and card draw
Azorius Signet = Mana rock
Crawlspace = Makes it so your opponent can not attack you very well
Dimir Signet = Mana rock
Orzhov Signet = Mana rock
Sol Ring = Fantastic mana rock and commander staple
Thought Vessel = Hand cap removal and mana rock
Vedalken Orrery = Gives all my spells flash so I can leave up mana for counterspells or flash something else big in on my opponents turns, like a wincon
Ward of Bones = A slight bit of stax control. If I dont play much why should you?
Teferi, Hero of Dominaria = Fantastic Walker that gives card advantage, removal and a potentil wincon if it ults
Narset Transcendent = Another fantastic walker that lends us card advantage, lets us reuse some of our spells and can prevent your opponents from doing much if she ults
The wincons of the deck are:
Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond ,
Aetherflux Reservoir + Exquisite Blood
Aetherflux Reservoir ,
Omniscience / Vedalken Orrery ,
Debt to the Deathless ,
Exsanguinate ,
Luminarch Ascension ,
Sun Titan + Second Chance + Doom Whisperer + Laboratory Maniac ,
and Test of Endurance



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