My newly reformed Oloro deck, with some fresh new additions from Battle For Zendikar! When I initially built this deck I was very new to the game and didn't have much to work with so I ended up running a token subtheme in addition to what little life gain I had at the time. Didn't work the greatest so I scrapped 99% of that (the 1% I kept was a very important combo to the deck I discovered during construction) and rebuilt it. Now, with BFZ on the loose, I finally got to add some of those sweet new life gain synergies to this deck (seriously, that B/W Intro deck was MADE for this thing).

Anywho...that combo I was speaking of: Murder Investigation + Serra Avatar = massive token spam equal to your life total. Combine it with Sidisi, Undead Vizier and you can sac the Avatar, get your tokens, then tutor the Avatar right back up to play again. In doing so, you not only get a HUGE amount of 1/1 Soldiers, but you also get your giant creature right back and ready for round two.


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