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pie chart Olivia's Bloodhall 2012 (RDW)

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To be clear, this is not, I repeat not, a Vampire deck, these are though: preying-death & The Blood Queen

This is RDW but jacked up on Innistrad, all the classic 'elements' are there to burn your opposition.

You've got your: Chandra's Phoenix s; Brimstone Volley s; Inferno Titan; Shrine of Burning Rage s; Volt Charge s; Red Sun's Zeniths; & Geistflame s; to use with your Curse of Bloodletting all that Red to add to your shrine.

Now for our new creatures: Grave Titan is a nice bruiser to have around. Stromkirk Captain a vampire that pumps Olivia up. Olivia Voldaren the Blood Queen herself, what is better than a creature that steals all the other players creatures or kills them giving herself a +1/+1 every time she does so? Plus you can turn your Titans and Phoenixes into Vampires as well.

Now for the lands: Stensia Bloodhall namesake of the deck, a methodical killer; Ghost Quarter here to stop Kessig Wolf Run or another Bloodhall deck;


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