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Oketra, Stax, and Zombies. Any Questions?

Commander / EDH Combo Competitive Mono-White Stax Zombie


I've been thinking a lot about God-Eternal Oketra recently, and with all of the builds seeing some visibility, I figured it was time to put my pen to paper and draft up a list. Every build I've seen has been a value build, focused on flashing creatures in, overwhelming the board, and trying to out-aggro the rest of the table. As a fan of Stax-type decks, I believe that Oketra presents something new: the ability to stack out the board, both with the usual offenders ( Aura of Silence , Suppression Field , Winter Orb , Static Orb , etc) and with some unique creatures that see play in stax builds but get increased value with the extra 4/4 they bring with them. I believe that Oketra provides enough incremental advantage to allow us to slow our opponents down, whilst building ourselves up to inevitably drown our opponents in damage and take them out.

The combos:

Suggestions welcome!


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