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Humans help humans with their human powers! Who says you have to go supernatural to play Magic?

This is mainly a vorthos deck, I pride myself in using only Innistrad block cards, all with flavor text, that have an almost storylike flow to the deck. I'm nevertheless open to suggestions, may it be from cards not necessarily human or part of the Innistrad block, just to see the possibilities!

It also includes cards I want, but don't have like Cavern of Souls (lol, not gonna happen). If I had them I would probably replace 5 Plains and 5 Forests for Caverns, Sunpetals, and the 2 Thalias.

Please feel free to comment on it!


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So I changed it a bit. Took out Overrun to make it standard legal. Took out 2 Odrics and a couple of cards that should've been in my sideboard to begin with and added Mikaeus and Champion of Lambholt as well as 4 rancor. Put a Thalia in my sideboard too.


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