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Odric, Master of All Things

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Odric is pretty straight forward. Get as many value generating creatures and artifacts as you possibly can on the battlefield and then smash face. Preliminary sub-themes are indestructible/destruction and lifegain.

I plan on this deck being pretty agressive so I've put in 33 creatures. Ive got an assortment of keyword abilities on all of these creatures with a focus on indestructible, vigilance and life gain. I am depending a lot on having the indestructible aspect being present through most of the game, so I can utilize my plethora of board wipes. I do have tons of wipes: Day of Judgment, Wrath of God, Mass Calcify, Cleansing Nova, Austere Command and Rout. I have also put in a decent amount of target removal: Condemn, Path to Exile, Swords to Plowshares and Return to Dust.

The biggest set back I see in this deck is the main problem with mono white builds; card draw. I have Mind's Eye, Arcane Encyclopedia and Mentor of the Meek. I have 10 creatures with power 2 or less that can activate Mentor's ability, so I am hoping that card draw will not be my downfall.

Tell me your ideas and lets build something great!


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