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This is a budget Odric, Lunarch Marshal deck. This is the first Commander deck I've ever built, and it probably shows! Looking for help and suggestions. My goal for this deck is to squeeze as much synergy, value, and power out of Odric as possible on a $50* budget. Power level: "Cool, but casual."

The basic strategy is, naturally, to swing with a suped-up army. This means getting creatures with Odric's keywords onto the field, and creating tokens which become big threats. Subthemes include Lifegain Synergy, Artifact Synergy, Soldier Tribal, and Equipment Voltron. Threw in some alternate win conditions like Felidar Sovereign and Gideon, Martial Paragon . Certain cards I decided to include because I wanted some answers to my group's meta: Jotun Grunt , Equal Treatment , Hallowed Moonlight , etc. Ramp and draw seem to be pretty difficult to come by even in non-budget mono-white EDH decks, but I think I made it work. And finally, lands are nothing special here, given the budget.

My process for building the deck was 1) figuring out my key strategies, 2) amassing a list of cards I wanted to use, 3) removing inefficient, expensive, and redundant cards, and 4) coalescing the deck around the key strategies. (I also used popular YouTube channels The Command Zone (specifically their "How to Build a Commander Deck" video) and Commander's Quarters for inspiration.) My key strategies evolved a little over time, but in general I sought to include as many creatures with keywords as possible. This lead to a lot of Human and Soldier synergy, with Equipments to supplement. However, I also wanted to make space for answers to curveballs. My quest to round out this mono-white deck turned into a heavy emphasis on synergy with Artifacts--not a difficult jump to make, given the Equipment already present. My biggest concern with the deck is that it may have become too unfocused, and thus may have difficulty popping off, especially given the deck's glaring vulnerability before combat. (Haven't tested the deck yet except with goldfishing.) I'm afraid I may have to pare down some elements like the reliance on Artifacts ( Leonin Abunas , Tamiyo's Journal , Aethershield Artificer ) and take out some curve-bally stuff like Spiritual Focus or Tormod's Crypt . I tried to make things as synergistic as possible given my constraints, but there could be other ways of achieving what I want.

Let me know if I missed anything obvious--I am just a beginner (learned how to play very recently) so that's highly likely. Do you think I should reconstruct the deck entirely, rip out some elements to streamline it? Or perhaps only a few replacements are necessary? Constructive criticism is welcome!


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