Trying out some not-so-common hydra commanders. Lots of ramp and mana rocks to pump up the hydra boys as well as getting counter doublers and re-distributors out to keep the power of the hydras going while setting off card draw so you don't get stuck. Good amount of redundancies in order to make sure you're getting some level of card draw and counter increase. Most of the removal is focused on artifact/enchantment interaction since the big boys should take care of the majority of your creature problems. Can always swap out the removal if your meta uses more evasion. Pretty straight forward.


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Heroes' Bane -> Obosh, the Preypiercer

In the few times I've played Heroes' Bane, I've found I'm not focusing my mana on his ability because I'd rather be casting something else in my hand, typically preferring to use that mana for another and often better hydra. Even doubling his original +4/+4 only gives me an 8/8 and I can easily get other hydras to that point. With Obosh, Vial Smasher is hitting for double damage with every single thing I cast and that seems a much stronger trade-off.


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