Cheeky deck aiming to win off of Mechanized Production and investigating (i.e, Clue tokens). The deck works well currently, and handles as though it's just a regular control deck (i.e, counterspells and board wipes). I built this with the intent of a mainly aggro-based meta, and the sideboard is mainly geared for the control matchup. As of 23-1-17, I have the deck out of proxy and is functioning solidly against Red-White Vehicles, Aetherworks Marvel decks, and even Delirium - any answers I don't already have in the main deck are in the sideboard. The best way I can describe how the deck functions....flick spells and get Clue tokens, if you have extra Clues, crack them for card draw and fish for a Mechanized Production or another fishing spell like Anticipate.

"Give me eight walkers, I'll give you the city."- Dovin Bann


In order for the deck to work, we need a way to generate Clue tokens! We have plenty of ways to do so; if we have to, we use our handy dandy counterspells and if things get really out of hand, we can always cast Fumigate to gain life back and wipe the board:

Thraben Inspector - We run 3 copies, as this card is a solid one-drop and a good turn 1 play, also good for chump blocking.

Jace's Scrutiny - 4 copies to help keep us alive and generate more of those wonderful Clue tokens.

Expose Evil - Again, 4 copies that tap down creatures before attackers are declared and gives us another Clue artifact.

Press for Answers - We only run 2 copies because of Sorcery speed, but this still generates a Clue and taps down an opponent's threat.

Trail of Evidence - 3 copies of this enchantment means that just about everything we do will now generate Clue tokens, more Clues, easier wins! Furthermore, anything that already Investigates, now grants an additional Clue!


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