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Ob Nixilis, Powerslave

Commander / EDH Mono-Black



The first Commander deck I ever built with 100% my own cards. This deck has seen a lot of modification since its original, lackluster construction, and it's a much better deck for it.

Running all of the different variants of Ob Nixilis, just for the hilarity and "why not" factor, though Ob Nixilis, the Fallen will be taken out once I acquire Ob Nixilis Reignited solely because the landfall trigger isn't as reliable as I would like.

This deck is all about removal. Killing things to power up Ob Nixilis, Unshackled is the name of the game. He doesn't care if it's your own creatures OR your opponent's...he just wants to consume their very souls. Since this is a Mono-Black build, it suffers heavily against anything with Pro-Black, so I've put Karn Liberated in to remove those threats (mainly because I keep losing to my friend's Animar, Soul of Elements deck...)

Jinxed Idol is something fun I came across that looked great for this deck in particular. It basically becomes an evil game of Hot Potato, and when Ob Nixilis, Unshackled is on the battlefield, my opponents basically have 2 choices: Take 2 damage every upkeep, or power up Ob Nix. Either way it benefits me, and if they do send it back to me, I can just sac one of my own creatures, thus powering up Ob Nix, and repeating the process over again.


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