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Oathbreakers Unlimited (5 Color Superfriends)

Oathbreaker* Five Color Superfriends


My favorite color in magic is 5 color, and as the resident 5 color player in my group it was only a matter of time until I built and Oathbreaker in 5 color. Enter, Urza, Academy Headmaster . Yes he is silver boarder but since there isnt any other option. The Signature spell, Ignite the Beacon is Instant speed tutors for two walkers to my hand for a cheap 5 mana. At fist I went with Deploy the Gatewatch , but I would rather tutor two than dig seven, even though I would get them to the battlefield.

The mana blips spread quite evenly so that means my mana fixing has to be reliable, so all 10 Fetches and all 10 shocks mean I can fetch for all my colors. This brings on the issue of life but I havent quite solved that. Ancient Tomb , Interplanar Beacon , Karn's Bastion , Maze of Ith Are my only lands outside of the Fetches and Shocks, One for Ramp at the cost of life, fixing, proliferating, and protection.

For land ramp I have to rely on non-basic ramp. So I added Tithe , Chromatic Lantern , Farseek , Sylvan Scrying , Burgeoning and Smothering Tithe . This allows me to search, create, or draw mana.

When running a large amount of planeswalkers they need the support. Mr. Season is an auto include so I can Ultimate most walkers immediately. Other support comes with The Elderspell , Oath of Nissa , and Atraxa, Praetors' Voice .

Planeswalkers I tended to use stuck with what I had. I stuck with ones that gave creature destruction or exile, stealing, or shrinking. Like Nahiri, the Harbinger , Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker , Dovin Baan . Im not going to run through them all but I wanted them to make up for my lack of creatures.

Finally one of the most important combos is The Chain Veil , Xenagos, the Reveler Or Mana Generating Artifacts like Everflowing Chalice , and a walker that can Untap the Veil like Tezzeret the Seeker , Teferi, Temporal Archmage , Ral Zarek . By using the mana created by Xenagos or other Mass Mana Artifacts to activate the Veil, and untapping it with walker effects I can activate them at pseudo-infinite speed.

I like the land count but I think I could toss in some basics to use basic land ramp, but I would rather find some more non-basic land ramp. The reasoning is that at 20 life I often find myself being a basic suicide deck. By the time I run out my Fetchlands and with the occasional shock to stay on curve, im basically dead in one tap.I thought about changing to basics and running more basic land ramp but then I run into "Having the mana to cast, just missing the colors".

Tips, Suggestions, and constructive criticism are always appreciated. TL;DR Fetches and Shocks kill me faster than to opponents, need help with mana base.


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