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Numot's Recurring Prison of Taxes and Regulations

Commander / EDH* Budget Land Destruction Pillow Fort RUW (Jeskai, America) Stax





So I'm not usually a fan of stopping people from playing Magic, but that's basically the plan here.

More specifically we want to slow down our opponents with extra mana costs from annoying enchantments that keep coming back until we can seal the deal with mass land destruction.

Enchantment Recursion Prison

These enchantments that die a lot...

...can be recurred continuously with...

...to create a very difficult environment for your opponents....

...especially if you kill their lands!

The whole deck filled with enchantments that can be recurred if they get to the graveyard, not just the ones listed above that kill themselves.

The new mechanic from Dominaria, sagas, are extremely synergistic with this deck. I anticipate a few making their way in once the whole sets spoiled. Stay tuned!!

Other Combos

Ways to break the symmetry of World Queller:

More Ideas?

Let me know what you think. I want to keep any new card ideas on a low budget.

I'm looking for more cheap ways to say no for a long time to multiple players at once.

Look at my EDH decks!

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