Number fifteen, Neheb land destruction, the last thing you want your commanter table is seone playing mass land destructiion, bu as its turns out...this might be what you get.

So you may be thinking: "what does Neheb, the Eternal have to do with LD? Are you on crack? Just play Zozu the punisher."

  • First of all, i hate goblins.
  • Second of all, both nehebs can generate tons of mana, so if you can not win the game with it, just be the only person with mana at the table, isn't fun?
  • That's the primary motivator, for this unusual tech. Wich brings us to...

    Just imagine that one guy who has all the old dual lands in his pentacolor deckthen, it's your turn, you untap, draws your cards, look dead into his eyes, smiles, taps 4 mana and cast Ruination you see the fear dominating his expression as he looks through his hand trying to find an answer but as he are ready, because this is not "me smash" dumb monored deck, you cast Red Elemental Blast and RUIN (ba dum tss) his dreams.

    We also run Destructive Force , Wildfire take notice that both cards don't actually kill neheb so you dont need to waste your time putting darksteel plate in it or some shit. Then we have Bend or Break , Price of Glory and searing sands. I discovered this card as i was building this deck and it fits so well, any board wipe you play is going to erradicate all of their lands as well, we only have 10 creatures, so we are golden.

    This deck is not supposed to have friends, the objective is to make people cry and quit the table (it happened yesterday). And we need to protect oursels and disrupt the other players so we have

    • 4 "counters"
    • 8 Board wipes
    • 5 Spot removals

    An i'm not counting the X spells as spot removals most of then are finishers, bu i will get to then.

    None of this is possible without ramp, of course, so we have 9 ramp cards, two of wich are very cool creatures the Treasonous Ogre , that can help we win the game with the absurd amount of mana he can generate, and Grinning Ignus that bounces him help out of the board wipes you play. the rest are just staples of mana stones. AS you can see we don't need lands, so if we OBLITERATE then we are okay to rebuild, whie the others are posting to facebook groups how much they hate Land destruction.

    This is the part that All neheb decks converge, all of then have two primary win conditions Fireballs and combat steps. Is this case we have both. We have 8 "X damage" spells and 4 "extra combat steps" spells BONUS: one "I win" card that being, of course Insurrection

    This neheb in specific have a very cool interaction with extra combats, because for every combat the amount of mana he generates escalate, so even if one person got away from the combat damage just throw a giant Banefire / Demonfire to the face x = 63 and smugly say "gg".

    Guys, the combos are f*ing obvious,

    Hellkite Charger + Neheb, the Eternal = Infinite combats Aggravated Assault + Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion = Infinite combats Reiterate + Mana Geyser = infinite mana

    I think thats enough combos to you guys.

    Happy spookytober folks, love your family.


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