This will be actually the first modern deck I'll built and try to achieve the missing pieces. I aim for a not really high competitive but still somewhat viable deck for FNM maybe. So I will gladly accept any tips since I'm "new" to the scene (mostly a limited and kitchen table player).

The basic idea is to have creatures that care about auras and equipments ( Valduk, Keeper of the Flame and Champion of the Flame ) and originally the magemark package but slowly shifting to other enchantments. So focusing on trample and first strike is the base (to make sure I can attack each combat phase), offers strong enchantments and maybe I'll splash for strong enchantments like Rancor .

But I'm not quite sure how to complete the idea, since most Valduk and Champion Decks doesn't run magemarks but focus more on the Heroic mechanic while most magemark deck focus on hexproof minions. The sub theme to flash in enchantments and auras via Sigarda's Aid would be a great addition to the deck (I believe).

Cards in the Sideboard and Maybeboard are the ones I have my eyes on that would probably improve the decks.

Probably the most work (and money, sigh) have to put in the mana base, I will gladly accept any budget friendly recommendations. Maybe the upcoming Knights/Enchantments Cards from Throne of Eldraine will be a good alternative to look out for.


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