Norin and his friends are celebrating a CHAOTIC CHRISTMAS :)

This deck has three primary goals:

1) THE ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS COMBO: Give Stocking Tiger as a present with Confusion in the Ranks or Illicit Auction and they will receive a booster-pack as a Christmas present from you :)

2) Winning through ETB triggers with cards like Purphoros, God of the Forge and Norin the Wary

This is the "competitive" version of my Christmas Deck. For an even Christmasier version check out this list:

Norins Crazy Christmas

Commander / EDH* b0bjohnson

SCORE: 3 | 568 VIEWS

The Sideboard is for Burning Wish. This deck is intended for casual play, and some of the included cards are banned in Commander. Any comments or suggestions would be very much appreciated


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