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Norin Naughty Nonsense - Updated Description

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I've always wanted a cheap and fun commander deck that causes heads to turn. Red has always been my worst color in magic to both pilot and play against. As such, all comments and suggestions are appreciated. The deck attempts to utilize Norin and other ETB creatures to fuel shenanigans. Your Turn 1 play will almost always be Norin. I've kept the deck mostly basics due to the 3 mana doublers. Our goal is to use one of the 3 mana doublers as well as our draw engines to ensure that once we get going, it gets hard to stop. And once it stops, it doesn't take too much to get going again. The deck is focused/optimized as the only expensive piece I am only missing is Mana Crypt. On a 1-10 scale, the power level is a 10.

NORMALLY, that 'go get him back' trigger will be looking for Norin in the Exile zone, since that's where he normally goes. But if Norin goes to a different public zone without touching exile (for example, if you replace 'go to exile' with 'go to Command Zone' because he's your Commander), then the "go get him back" trigger will be informed of that choice, and will 'know' to look for Norin in that public zone.

Blood Moon - No mass nonbasic land hate

Mass MLD - See above

Gamble - Too risky, I always lose with these type of cards as there is almost never a card I don't want

Fork/Reverberate - Don't have many targets and don't want to rely on opponents. It has been helpful before, but I would rather focus on my own synergy rather than maybe getting something good off of an opponent.

Torbran, Thane of Red Fell - Winmore. If I have damage outlets, he puts in work. Otherwise, he is subpar

Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx/Fanatic of Mogis - I rarely have enough devotion to make this work

Pandemonium - Will almost always benefit the opponent more than I

Grip of Chaos/Planar Chaos/Possibility Storm - This is not a chaos deck. The only chaos aspect we have helps us achieve our goals

Warp World - Has backfired on multiple occasions, ETB triggers are hard to keep track of, just a whole lot of mess.

Kher Keep - Deck is mostly basics for the mana doublers. Unless I have skullclamp or a Purphurous, this doesn't do much.

Mirror March - Too random and costly

Faithless Looting - I need card advantage, not virtual card advantage

Reforge the Soul - Unless I get it for it's miracle cost, it is too expensive. Even for it's miracle cost, I need to determine between losing my hand or a cheap wheel. Lastly, refilling my opponents hands is not a good thing

Treasure Nabber - Can be extremely powerful in the right meta. But most people would play around it

Goblin Engineer - People kill the engineer prior to me recurring the artifact

Pia and Kiran Nalaar - Too costly and not impactful enough

Combustible Gearhulk - Too costly and people just make me mill, I never get to draw

  1. Resilient in the late game due to all of the card draw and "exile cast until turn" cards
  2. Mana doublers and rocks allow for ramp
  3. Norin is extremely difficult to get rid of an interact with, T1 Norin is always good
  4. Can storm off late game with mana doublers and draw spells
  1. Red's inherent lack of card draw is still a problem at times despite all of the card advantage we have
  2. Wheels refill opponents hands, be very careful!
  3. Little enchantment removal
  4. Very little tutors to ensure consistency
  5. Can be outraced by decks with a lower Avg CMC and by mana dorks


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