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Tibalt's Toys is a deck build around the idea of Burning Vengeance. I was not happy with the current lists I was finding on the internet so I developed this deck in response.

Unlike most lists, I am choosing not to splash a 3rd color. My reasoning to keep it 2 colors is a matter of not really needed to add it but it could be a meta call.

My deck moves away from the board sweepers only choosing to run 2 bonfires as sweepers in the main. Not all decks in the format are aggro and giestflame is actually surprising effective at getting you the tempo you need to get burning up and start picking apart whatever they have.

This list is currently a ongoing project and will keep being updated as play-testing results come in.

Here are some results from the FNM. I came 4th out of 21 people, I should of came 1st. I misplayed :(

2-0 Red/Greeen Werewolfs

I made him ragequit his deck. It did not go well for him.

2-0 White/Blue Spirit Tempo

0-2 Zombie pod

This is the game I misplayed. I drew a hand with only 2 mana in it. Never saw another land to fire my slagstorm.Game 2, same mistake. drew a hand with low mana, never saw another one. He god handed.

After the zombie pod game, we played casually. I won 2-0 without breaking much of a sweat. Seems like the deck needs one blue source and 2 red to fire correctly. I'm going to make changes.


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Played my deck at the standard event, I don't remember all my matches but I ended up going 2-2.. Mainly due to my own misplays and bad reads.


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