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Noggle Hedge-Mage PDH

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Why use your noggin when you can use your Noggle... duh!


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This deck is not Pauper EDH legal.

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+1 Wild Guess main
+1 Sage Owl main
+1 Magma Jet main
+1 Treasure Cruise main
+15 Island main
+11 Mountain main
+1 Scrivener main
+1 Capsize main
+1 Arcane Denial main
+1 Owl Familiar main
+1 Esper Panorama main
+1 Spire Owl main
+1 Telling Time main
+1 Crown-Hunter Hireling main
+1 Mulldrifter main
+1 Izzet Signet main
+1 Path of Ancestry main
+1 Chartooth Cougar main
+1 Brainstorm main
+1 Evolving Wilds main
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