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Nobody expects the Wacky Door Deck!

Modern GWU (Bant) Mill Ramp Theme/Gimmick


Continuing in the vain of my chalice of fun deck, I've decided to celebrate the reprint of Door to Nothingness by building a deck around it.

This deck will change a lot as I experiment with it, but it essentially needs to do two things:
1- Ramp-up to WWUUBBRRGG as quickly as possible.
2- Not lose in the meantime.

As I did previously, I'm setting some rules that I'll have to follow.

1- 4 Door to Nothingness as ONLY win condition
2- A card that could be used as an alternative win condition may not be included

Thanks to eheitzman I run a sideboard with a twist: after game 1 the main deck's artifacts are removed and substituted to make a mill deck.
This works on pure shock value and renders all sideboarded artifact hate cards completely useless.

This used to be a Standard deck, but changed it to Modern as most of the key cards have rotated out.


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The time is almost upon us: Door to Nothingness will rotate out soon, so now is a good a time as any make the switch to Modern.

This will open up a plethora of new cards for me to use, but the rules remain the same:
- Door to Nothingness as the ONLY win condition for the main deck
- Milling as the ONLY win condition for the sideboard

Comments cleared, so keep those suggestions coming...

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