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Noble Sword of Dagsson




This is my next real deck for the Noble format, based around the Thopter Foundry + Sword of the Meek + Ashnod's Altar combo. You can find the rules for the Noble format at Introducing Noble: the Format. Arcum Dagsson helps to pull out combo pieces by sacrificing Ornithopters and Phyrexian Walkers. Mage's Guile keeps Arcum safe and a plethora of sifting spells in case Arcum meets removal. White gives me access to Oblivion Ring and Journey to Nowhere as removal. Any suggestions are welcome, so feel free to comment!



funkalunk says... #1

Maybe I don't have the rules down, but for Noble, can't you only have 4 Uncommons?

April 7, 2012 9:56 p.m.

KorApprentice says... #2

The Noble format uses lowest printed rarity to determine card legality. Both Ashnod's AltarMTG Card: Ashnod's Altar and OrnithopterMTG Card: Ornithopter have been printed as commons, therefore they do not use any uncommon slots. The true uncommons in this deck are 2x Thopter FoundryMTG Card: Thopter Foundry and 2x Sword of the MeekMTG Card: Sword of the Meek.

April 7, 2012 10:08 p.m.

funkalunk says... #3

Aw shi, cool! My mistake man. :D

April 7, 2012 10:09 p.m.

KorApprentice says... #4

Just to clarify; Mind StoneMTG Card: Mind Stone was printed as a common in Weatherlight, Oblivion RingMTG Card: Oblivion Ring was printed as a common in Lorwyn, OrnithopterMTG Card: Ornithopter was printed as a common in Antiquities, and Ashnod's AltarMTG Card: Ashnod's Altar was printed as a common in Chronicles. You did make me second guess myself about Ashnod's AltarMTG Card: Ashnod's Altar because T/O has it listed as only being an uncommon, I had to go to Gatherer to find out what set it was common in, lol.

April 7, 2012 10:36 p.m.

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