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Introducing Noble: the Format! The goal of this deck is to ramp out Splinter Twin and Midnight Guard /Pestermite by turn 3 FTW using Simian Spirit Guide, Elvish Spirit Guide, and Lotus Petal. This is fully intended to get Splinter Twin banned, let me know what you think! Suggestions are always appreciated too.



mafteechr says... #1

Are you just trying to be as fast as possible? Because I'd rather run Deceiver ExarchMTG Card: Deceiver Exarch over Elvish Spirit GuideMTG Card: Elvish Spirit Guide for uncommons.

April 12, 2012 10:07 p.m.

KorApprentice says... #2

Fast as possible. I considered the Deceiver ExarchMTG Card: Deceiver Exarch, but having 4x PestermiteMTG Card: Pestermite and 4x Midnight GuardMTG Card: Midnight Guard is enough. This actually wins on turn 3 rather frequently with the spirit guides and depletion lands.

April 12, 2012 10:14 p.m.

KorApprentice says... #3

Though, maybe not frequent enough for banning to be necessary. Soon I am going to start testing Noble decks against each other to determine what needs to be banned and what doesn't.

April 12, 2012 10:52 p.m.

skyb0rg says... #4

Read the ban list, splinter twin is on it. Sorry :(

April 14, 2012 10:42 p.m.

KorApprentice says... #5

I know, I am the arbiter of said ban list. The one on Introducing Noble: the Format is not current at the moment. I am reworking the ban list to allow turn 4 wins to be capable in the format. graft, the inventor of Noble the Format, has been thinking that Splinter TwinMTG Card: Splinter Twin should not be banned, so I am trying to come up with a reasonable argument for why it should be banned. The real ban list will be finished in a few weeks, I have much play testing to do to determine what should and should not be banned.

April 14, 2012 10:47 p.m.

skyb0rg says... #6

Ok, and if it does, Kiki-Jiki, Mirror BreakerMTG Card: Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker isn't!

April 14, 2012 11 p.m.

KorApprentice says... #7

Yeah, I'm fairly certain Kiki-Jiki, Mirror BreakerMTG Card: Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker doesn't need to be banned, he's pretty slow and vulnerable.

April 14, 2012 11:14 p.m.

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