A fun, simple Noble deck that has been working well in Tappedout.net play testing. It's based off of a fun card interaction that I came up with when brainstorming for a noble deck, and I haven't seen it before. It can be abused to churn out tokens like there's no tomorrow.

The key idea here is to get a Master of Waves down and then make sure there is either a Clone or a Lumithread Field , and then you can start exiling/re-entering the battlefield to get around 20-25 2/1 (or more with either of the two cards mentioned above) tokens that can easily swing for game.

One clarification, Clone is legal as my 4 uncommons, because they were uncommon in Alpha/Beta.

Any sideboard suggestions are very welcome.

Please comment, and if you like the deck be sure to +1! It makes my day!


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