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Noble Necroskitter

Noble Counters Mono-Black



It's like a little baby It That Betrays with way more options.



Rahienn says... #1

Stop making decks with my favorite cards! xD

Soul SnuffersMTG Card: Soul Snuffers will kill all your x/1's and disable Necro-buddy once it hits the field, might I recommend Gnarled EffigyMTG Card: Gnarled Effigy instead?

May 23, 2012 1:39 a.m.

Violinist says... #2

Nah. Too expensive to activate. Besides, with Blowfly InfestationMTG Card: Blowfly Infestation out, all my dead x/1's will let me pile -1/-1 counters on enemy creatures to replace them.

May 23, 2012 10:05 a.m.

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This deck is Noble legal.

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