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Noble Luminarch



Pretty basic deck. Use Foglike effects to charge up Luminarch Ascension, then spit out a bunch of angels.


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I've done a bit of playtesting with one Isochron Scepter in, and it MORE than carried its weight, giving me a Dawn Charm to work with every turn. I haven't really used Dowsing Shaman much at all, so I'm going down to one of him and up to two Isochron Scepter s. Also, adding some lifegain has helped me with my... well, life issues.


-1 Dowsing Shaman and -1 Curse of Exhaustion , +2 Isochron Scepter

-1 Fog and -1 Holy Day , +2 Rest for the Weary

-1 Respite and -1 Plains , +2 Moment's Peace

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