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Noble Knight of the Reliquary 2.0

Noble GW (Selesnya)


Improved version of my old Knight of the Reliquary deck. Whereas that one was more or less straightforward beatdown with a bunch of cards I own thrown in, this is one that's more specialized. Currently in the process of getting the cards for it.

Would have all of them if cardshark didn't screw up my order and miss the Vines of Vastwood and Grazing Gladeharts. argjarg.

Okay. The deck.

The deck is essentially beatdown, using the Knight as an engine to fetch lands and pull off tricks. After the Knight is huge enough, it usually attacks for the win. The Qasali Pridemages and Porcelain Legionnaires are the main workhorses in the aggro, and the Pridemage gets the added bonus of A) being multicolor to get the most out of Shield of the Oversoul and B) being able to nuke artifacts/enchantments. The Grazing Gladeharts provide easy, accessible life, often at a rate of 4-8 per turn when using Terramorphic Expanses or a land that sacs (like Quicksand). Elvish Visionary just helps the deck stay consistent; Hyena Umbra was originally in its spot, but after a while I realized the deck had enough in the way of Auras/protection/etc. Edge of Autumn just made too much sense not to include; it provides ramp when the deck needs it, and buffs up the Knight AND draws cards for FREE when the deck needs it to later. The Edge is tremendous in this deck.

There are a few other fun tricks as well. Combining the Knight's ability with a good block and Quicksand can take out most attacking creatures, and enable a few two-for-ones. When I draw into Plummet, combined with Soaring Seacliff, it kills anything. For 1G. Not a bad deal. Since that's kind of unreliable and I didn't want to fill the deck up with blue mana sources (and didn't want to stretch it into three colours), the three copies of Journey to Nowhere provide more consistent spot removal.

A lot of the deck is concerned with protecting the Knight, since the deck really revolves around her. As such, there are four Shield of the Oversouls, which are generally fantastic on any creature in the deck, anyway (Qasali Pridemage gets the full boost and becomes a potential game-ender on its own, Grazing Gladeheart becomes protected to ensure consistent lifegain and allow it to block/beat, and the already tough Porcelain Legionnaire now has evasion). Vines of Vastwood provides quick protection for the knight, while the Sejiri Steppes in the deck can keep her safe after she untaps. Once the Knight's untapped and I know I can use the Steppes to interrupt spot removal, Vines of Vastwood becomes Titanic Growth, which ain't a bad tradeoff at all.

Okay, Uncommons. Swiftfoot Boots is just natural to include, since it both protects the Knight and gets her working faster. The Behemoth Sledge is a natural wrecking machine and gains advantage stupidly fast. Baloth Woodcrasher is probably my favorite Uncommon in here. Combined with the Knight, it can do stupid damage, stupidly fast. Even without the Knight, the deck has enough fetches that you can reasonably expect to get +8/+8 and trample when you need it. When the Woodcrasher shows up, he can be as big a threat as the knight, and is often even worse.


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Well, Naya Hushblade turned out to interact poorly with too much of the deck, so I decided to swap it out for Steward of Valeron , which ramps, has a good body, and has vigilance (which is great in this deck, particularly with the shields/behemoth sledge). I eventually made the Steward a 4-of and reduced the Bant sureblade to 3, as I found I didn't really want to get flooded by Sureblades.


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