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Noble Enduring Renewal Mill



This is the Noble Deck Format. If you dont know noble format check out:


Rare: 1 Enduring Renewal

Uncommons: 3 Grinding Station, 1 Blasting Station

Pretty straight forward combo of Enduring Renewal + Grinding Station + Ornithopter for an instant mill victory. Enables you to get a win via mill on turn 3 or 4. (Though it's technically possible to win on turn 2)

The rest of the deck is just built around draw-card abilities to help you build up land & find grinding station + a creature. Also included is a very slight amount of control cards.

In case Enduring Renewal is exiled, I've included enough artifacts for you to mill them the slow way with.

I've also included a blasting station in case they have a way to prevent milling.

Any Suggestions would be welcome!


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