A noble deck that i made from a pauper deck. I think that it will be funnier in this format.

This is a Noble deck. If you don't know the format, google is your friend, or this deck will explain it:

Introducing Noble: the Format

Noble* graft

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Kill the opponent creatures with deathtouch creature you own. Win con : You attack when there's no creatures in the opponent side, Blood Artist, Horseshoe Crab .

To make 1 damage, you have enchantment : Fire Whip and Power of Fire . Also, one equipement can be good, so i have Viridian Longbow (cost more, but don't goes to the graveyard if the creature die).

Noble : Electropotence. Cause of the low cost of the creatures, you can pay an additionnal 2R to kill an opponent creature as soon as yours hit the board.

Horseshoe Crab : This creature is a big damage dealer. If enchanted or equiped, you can 1 damage for each blue mana you have. Fire Whip + Horseshoe Crab , Horseshoe Crab + Power of Fire , Horseshoe Crab + Viridian Longbow

Augury Owl : You can set up the next 3 turns and you have a 1/1 flying that can deal damage. every turn.



+1 Very nice! Perhaps Sadistic Glee might be a solid addition what with you killing all your foes' creatures constantly? Then you can swing for a quicker big finish!

October 23, 2014 12:34 a.m.

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