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Orzhov control with centered around Gideons Intervention and Lost Legacy to take win conditions off of the table and force your opponent to find another way to win.

Zombies- Take away lilly enchantment with legacy and keep the board clear with wipes, if you are having problems with recursion you can side in the cats and some transgress.

Vehicles- Dispossess can sure put a damper on its win conditions along with your wipes and interventions.

Sneks- Board wipes, and some harsh scrutiny will work wonders here.

Speaking of wonders- back to the dispossess and transgress.

How about perspective?- Anguished unmaking and Lost legacy to take it out either early game or as soon as it makes it to the board.

Weakness? Control and running out of gas.

For the gas we have a set of painful lessons for some card draw and the set of our one drop chump blockers that will give some clues on how to win. Also in the chump department is a deathtouch lifelink that should stall some decks from getting us to beat down before we are able to start removing those win cons.

For control? Well. All i have for that is an extremely high CMC Cruel reality. There are a couple extra in the sideboard for that matchup, but its still one we dont favor.

How do we win? We play a game of attrition. With Gidoen of the trials we make that cant lose token and then we keep him alive until we can find an approach of the second sun or a cruel reality. Or we could just keep the board clear and beat them to death with the Gideon.

Let me know what you think and any card suggestions are appreciated.


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