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The one word that describes this deck: TRIGGERS!

So, here's how this deck works... You gain a bunch of life off of Soul Warden, Soul's Attendant, and Auriok Champion from creatures entering the battlefield. This is accelerated by having Norin the Wary being blinked every time a spell is played or an attack is declared. Further adding to this madness is the Genesis Chamber which is popping out Myr tokens every time a creature enters the battlefield, also giving you more life with your "Soul Sisters".

Landing a Champion of the Parish early will also help you out, giving you a viable threat with all of the ETB effects that are happening due to Norin the Wary and the Genesis Chamber. If the deck starts to stall out, you've got Mentor of the Meek readily available to assist with card draw off the ETB effects.

After gaining eleventy bajillion life, you can "tutor" up a Serra Ascendant with a Ranger of Eos, to help finish sealing the deal. If you still aren't able to get your life going up steadily enough and/or finish your opponent off, you've got a battery of Path to Exile and Lightning Helix to help you clear a path.

This deck also takes advantage of Kher Keep and Eiganjo Castle as one-ofs. The Kher Keep is great because it lets you create at least one dude, typically on your opponent's turn, that can act as a chump blocker and/or life-gain tool. Eiganjo Castle is in the board as a way to protect your Norin the Wary from those pesky Grim Lavamancer's that pop up from time to time.

Looking at the sideboard tech, you've got a couple Thalia, Guardian of Thraben to help slow down combo decks and other decks that rely heavily on cheap spells to sculpt their hands or burn out opponents. Three Mana Tithe's also help out in those situations, allowing you to change your game up to a more tempo-based deck, should the need arise. You've also got a few Grafdigger's Cage's in the board in order to take care of the decks that can't really be handled by life-gain, like Melira Pod. In order to deal with quick aggro decks more efficiently, there are a few copies of Ghostly Prison. There are also Kataki, War's Wage and Hide/Seek to help against affinity matchups, with Hide/Seek doing double duty against the different Urzatron matchups.

This deck is going to be in a constant state of flux for a few weeks, just until I manage to iron out all the kinks. Any feedback and +1's would be much appreciated. I'll also try to write up some tournament reports as I go.


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4-0! I love this deck!

Round 1: I had a bye since there were 21 people playing. A 22nd person came late, so him and I decided to play a friendly. He was playing Scepter of Secrets, and I crushed him 2-0. He got me down to 3 life game 1, then I just started to gain it all back from Myr tokens and the Soul Sisters. Game 2 was over really quick thanks to him being mana screwed and Champion of the Parish getting huge off Norin the Wary.

Round 2: 2-0 vs Storm. Game 1, I won the roll, he mulled to 6. Turn 1 Champion of the Parish, Turn 2 Soul Warden and Norin the Wary, Turn 3 Genesis Chamber and Soul's Attendant, Turn 4 Genesis Chamber, Soul Warden, Soul Warden...pretty brutal, considering he whiffed on the draw off his Manamorphose. Game 2 he sided out the majority of his storm cards for 4 Delver of Secrets  Flip, 4 Goblin Guide, and 4 Grim Lavamancer... he put up a better fight in the second game, but I managed to Path to Exile his threats early enough to safely win.

Round 3: 2-0 vs Boros. Game 1, won the roll, played Norin, etc., he started off aggressive with a Goblin Guide into a turn 2 Steppe Lynx, but I managed to path the guide and Lightning Helix the lynx away. After that, it was smooth sailing, hitting a Mentor of the Meek and a Ranger of Eos off my next two draws. Game 2, he stalled out after turn 4, missing his next couple land drops. I gained a bunch of life and let Serra Ascendant win the game for me.

Round 4: 2-1 vs Dredgevine. Game 1, won the roll, got off to my typical start. Gained a bunch of life and myr tokens as he was "bolting" himself off fetch lands and shock lands. The lifegain and seemingly endless supply of myr proved to be too much for him, despite having 4 Vengevine and 4 Gravecrawler on the field. Game 2, I got off to a shaky start after having him turn 1 Faithless Looting, pitching two Vengevine, then playing a Birds of Paradise and Gravecrawler on the second turn. These shenanigans kept up for a couple more turns until what little defense I had crumbled. Game 3, he couldn't get a dredge enabler on board to save his life after I pathed his turn 1 Hedron Crab. I started to gain too much life for him to keep up, until he managed to Unburial Rites his Rakdos the Defiler, to which I promptly answered with a Path to Exile after he attacked.


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