...let the shadows consume you...


A really, really annoying mono-white enchantment deck with shadow creatures bringing damage to your opponent.

This deck relies on your creatures to bring the damage.
There are no cards that do direct damage. (what are we, savages?) Instead, you have many white shadow creatures, from the simple Soltari Trooper to the much more amusing Zealot il-Vec. (The Zealot is also a good removal for smaller creatures.)
You'll also find a few Hopeful Eidolons in with your shadow creatures. These are to act as simple lifegain-fodder during your early game, and powerful buffs to your Shadow Creatures in mid-game. Additionally, those Eidolons boost the effect of Ethereal Armor just like the rest of the enchantments.
The only non-shadow creature is the potentially hard-hitting Shade of Trokair, for a heavy mid mid-game punch.
Now, you've got your creatures striking from the shadows... time to troll your opponent.
No, no, really. It's important. Hit their little critters with Oppressive Rays, exile their mid-range creatures with Journey to Nowhere, stop their heavy hitters in their tracks with an observance of the occasional Holy Day, or deny and regenerate with The Dawn Charm. Really make them mad and remove an enchantment or artifact with Oblivion Ring, which should be saved until you know what the real threat in your opponent's deck is. (It's your trump card.)
Best thing is, all these fun enchantments are amping your Ethereal Armor more and more, until that 1/1 Soltari Trooper becomes a juggernaut of holy fury!
There are some issues with this deck, like "what do I do about creatureless or hexproof decks?"
Well, first you probably die. THEN you open your sideboard.
Now, take out all those creature enchantment cards, the 4x Journey to Nowhere and the 4x Oppressive Rays.
Put in some sideboard enchantments. BAM!
Totally different deck. You now have HUGE lifegain (4x Lifelink, 2x Sunspring Expedition), and protection for your critters (2x Pentarch Ward).
For Burn or "Red Deck Wins" types, do the above, and also swap out the 4x Oblivion Rings for 2x Rune of Protection: Red and the the other 2x Pentarch Ward.
In other cases, Nihil Spellbomb is really nice to break out against dredge/delve decks, and Holy Light is a nuke for overwhelming creature decks.
All these cards, of course, have other uses, but they mostly speak for themselves.

Thanks for taking a look at my deck, and thanks even more for any +1


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