Placing ideas out here for Kefnet.

Voltron is an easy way to build him, but the balancing issue is how much control effects to use and what kinds.

For the "easy" part, there aren't really many blue enchantments or creatures that will help Kefnet deal damage beyond making him unblockable, which while useful isn't a problem for blue by other means. This leaves equipment as the only way to effectively increase Kefnet's damage, and given the effects available in blue we won't need much of it before we can make an alpha-strike for commander damage. Additionally we only need +2 to his power to kill in 3 hits, and if we can stack up to +6 power then we only need hits. All of which is further reduced by double strike and double damage. (or even infect?)

The deck could simply play the long control game with no pump effects as well, but that sounds not just boring to play but boring to think about (seems unoriginal). However this does remind me that I wouldn't want to bother with a slow, draw-trigger based deck that teases out advantage from denying the opponent cards. Meaning that bursts of draw are preferred in order to get Kefnet online. (not yet sure about land bounce synergies)

Another thing I don't see as a possibility for Kefnet is a token swarm build. Glossing over the cards that will fill our hand by emptying our board, blue's only effective token generators are based on spell-slinging, which is a style of play that Kefnet isn't as suited to as much as others. The main thing we want is that no other legends in the deck work better as the commander for the entire build than him. Thus making the build more or less about Kefnet, even if not every single non-land works with him explicitly.

Standard categories should go as follows:

mana-Lands and mana rocks. For the sake of Kefnet we are willing to look at cards that only put lands into the hand, since that will synergize with him among other cards. But we should use the few cards that will dump lands from our hand onto the field as well, in case we actually use Kefnet's activated ability.

draw-Depending on how much artifact support is used one might go deep on the search cards, but group draw could be an option too, given how consistently those types of effects can overfill the hand past 7 cards. Alternatively I could only play card draw that will exactly fill my hand to 7.

pumps-(need a better name here) Anything that reduces the number of hits Kefnet needs to make to win via commander damage should go here. He starts at 5 power, and has evasion through flying, so anything that gives more than +2 is basically overkill, but double-strike can make +1 effects valuable as well.

control-No need for attack based control effects here, because countering spells and bouncing boards is kind of blue's thing.

utility-Because Kefnet is blue, utility here is defined mainly as defensive effects and informative cards. Anything that makes stops attacks, or heals, or reveals what opponents are playing counts. The more group hug played the more this category is needed.

beater-Very small category of anything that can be a substitute voltron target or else is a strong additional source of damage.

stax-An optional category. This would include messing with what the opponent is able to play in the long term or includes ruining specific color-based strategies or negation of combos via lockdown effects.


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