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No Green, No Mana (Orochi EDH)

Commander / EDH* Mono-Green


Love using green but are tired of getting pushed around by control decks? It's time for green to change the meta and out control the control. Patron of the Orochi is one of the best mono-green commanders for how unusual and versatile it is. This creature has two effects that give you an edge above the rest.

The first ability "SNAKE OFFERING" is an old effect that was only ever printed on this card. It gives you the ability to cast this creature at instant speed for a reduced cost, if you have a snake to sacrifice. Now you need to have a snake on the field. So the timing of this effect can be hit or miss. However, being able to hold back your mana and cast your commander on your opponents turn is really good, especially as a combat trick. You can declare a blocker, sacrifice the creature and cast your commander. This stops all the damage, if the creature doesn't have trample, and replaces the creature. This is really useful to dodge the commander tax. There are only a few commanders that can get around the commander tax, so +1 right there, but there are even fewer that have flash making this legendary even better.

The second ability is what really gives this creature its overpowered strength. Simply tap this creature and untap all green creatures and forests. Yes that means itself! This is very similar to Seedborn Muse for the fact that you can get continued use from your cards on your opponent(s) turns. This gets even better with cards like Winter Orb, Eon Hub and Storage Matrix because they have no effect on you.

How to Win

Beyond commander damage, Triumph of the Hordes is an easy way to one shot players with lethal infect damage.

I personally love this deck and if you are a green player like me I hope you give it a try. Now I will note that this deck can only get better with time. There are only some many mono green snakes in the game. With time they will print more giving this commander more fuel for its fire.

If you have any questions or suggestions be sure to comment down below.


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