U/B Control Mill with win conditions in Mill, AEtherling, and a huge Consuming Aberration.

Criticism and comments wanted and considered, I'm still new and this is one of my first forays into control. This deck has been a lot of fun, not sure how competitive it is.

No Theros cards in yet. Would be open to ideas.



peoplesauce says... #1

I would say drop grisly spectacle, mind grind, hovebarrier, codex shredder and negate. Pick up more removal ancountermagic . +1 jace, +2wight, +2 doom blade+2 far/away, +1 cyclonic rift. Maybe pick up two more quickens, and two more pilfered plans (maybe try read the bones) so that you can still draw cards at instant speed. Throw in syncopates, hero's downfall, thoughtseize, shocks and scrylands(budget allowing). I run something very similar to this on mtgo, stoked to see more and more people running dimir colors!

September 25, 2013 8:18 a.m.

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