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Who needs friends when you have mono red aggro!

So this was an alteration on a previous deck I had made that was mono red aggro budget. While this one is a bit more expensive, the results are just as pleasing (and hilarious).

Before questioning it, I have won at FNM with this deck taking 2nd place the first time and 1st the following week. ent up against a Top 8 mono red aggro the first time and lost 2-1. The first game I won because I swung in with 16 damage on third turn. Didn't have a side deck at the time so couldn't adjust like I wanted to. But here's a more competent version.

So here's the rub.

Turn 1: Drop 1 of 8 possible creatures. Preferably Monastery Swiftspear but satyr hoplite is just as rewarding if need be.

Turn 2: Play another creature (if you must) or drop a Hammerhand , Dragon Mantle, or titan's strength. If you went first the odd's are they don't have a creature so swing away. If they do have a 1/1 or 2/2 and are running some form of aggro, swap in some cheap burn to keep them off the field. Targeting Satyr Hoplite is key. On second turn with a good draw Satyr Hoplite should be a 3/3 or 4/4. Well beyond petty burn like Wild Slash or Magma Jet.

Turn 3: Lets say you have a Swiftspear and Satyr hoplite sitting at 3/3. This turn you hit hard and vicious. You should be playing a 3rd land (if not, dragon mantle can help you along). Throw down Titan's strength on Satyr after swinging pushing him to a 7/5 and if there are still no creatures or petty ones, throw down rouse the mob or Temur Battle rage and swing in for double 8's or 10/6 trample with Monastery hitting for 3 along side. If they survive you are sitting with a 5/5 Satyr who can block almost any mid range that drop third and fourth turn. Next turn will be a swing fest with another possible Rouse or frenzied goblin who can make them not block or even a hammer hand.

Either way you've killed them most likely by third turn.

I actually pissed off a mana ramp guy doing this with my budget. This is much better than that.

Coordinated Assault is a good first strike for high defense, low attack cards or one's sent to chump block and kill your's.

Side decking multiple burns an a Eidolon allows for contingency against fellow burn decks. Who most likely won't be expecting a 5/5 satyr by third turns end.

Altac blood seeker is a good card to have along with the burn to allow for some good damage.

This deck utilizes what I consider highly underrated creatures and spells that are often over looked for one's that are mildly better if just even.


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