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No Cloaks Allowed! (Budget U Faeries)

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With yet another reprinting of Favorable Winds on the horizon, I figured it was high time to set about brewing a new deck. Looking over my options, I realized that a fair number of blue Faeries were safely within a reasonable budget (the most expensive card in this deck is Scion of Oona at around $4), and so this deck was born!

For the most part, this deck is a fairly traditional Aggro/Tempo deck, with a focus on instant-speed shenanigans. Faerie Impostor and Quickling are two seemingly odd picks for a deck like this, but they serve a key purpose: allowing us to reuse both our Spellstutter Sprites (arguably the best counterspell in this deck) and our Faerie Miscreants (which, in multiples, could easily net a few cards). Topping off our creature curve is Scion of Oona, a Flashy Flier that anthems our dorks while protecting all of our other Faeries with Shroud. Conveniently, though, this doesn't get in the way of our Faerie Impostor/Quickling buffoonery, as neither target the creature that you bounce. It's also worth noting that, while Scion of Oona may not give Shroud to itself, having two out solves this issue with ease, putting our entire board in a protective bubble. Smuggler's Copter, while not actually a creature, is also worth noting here, as it gives us a great deal of card filtering in the early game, and allows us to safely swing in with something other than a 1/1.

Outside of our creature package, most of our spells are included with tempo in mind. Vapor Snag and Serum Visions are near-instant includes in blue-based Modern decks of all shapes and sizes, and Mana Leak makes for a decent substitute for the considerably more pricey Remand. Favorable Winds, as mentioned, was a key inspiration for me building this deck, and it acts as a second anthem for every creature in the deck (also, that new art is simply gorgeous). Also making an appearance from Ixalan is the new Chart a Course , which, while not an Instant, certainly seems like a solid way for this deck to refuel when it starts running out of gas. The mana base for this deck is sleek and simple; 16 Islands (of whatever full art fits into your budget, of course) and 4 Faerie Conclaves for their obvious tribal synergies and resilience to most removal.

And that covers everything! As always, feel free to comment with any improvements or suggestions for cards. I'm more than open to any constructive criticism that you might have! And, of course, if his deck particularly caught your fancy, feel free to give it an upvote!

Note: The sideboard for this deck is currently under construction. If you have any specific recommendations, feel free to let me know. Bear in mind, however, that I am working on a relatively low budget, and would love to stay as close to this deck's current price as possible. Thank you!


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