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Niv-Mizzet's D&D Campaign EDH

Commander / EDH Five Color Multiplayer



Niv-Mizzet and all the Duos, Hatchlings, Lieges, Mimics, gods, and relics of Eventide and Shadowmoor. Niv-Mizzet has been reborn - as the GM of a metal D&D campaign!

A deck for fun and flavor. Maybe a 4. A 5 if you land your big creatures.

Want more fixing, ramp, or interaction? Ditch the Mimics, Hatchlings, and Duos, probably in that order. All your favorite efficient ramp and removal spells, counters, and rocks can go right into the deck. Ramp is pretty much green, and rocks will be rocks, but there are tons of Ux counter spells and Bx removal spells if you want to minimize mono-color spells.


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