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Niv-Mizzet: Ravnica Gets Weird

Commander / EDH* UR (Izzet)


Inspired by LRR's Friday Night Paper Fight, I wanted to have a second blue/red deck a little more fun for the table than Jhoira, who my playgroup's getting a little sick of watching build a 5 minute plus storm count that somehow still manages to fizzle once in a blue moon.

Every card in the deck comes from the 3 Ravnica blocks With the exception of some cards with specifically Izzet flavor from supplementary products such as the Mizzix Commander Deck and Izzet Dual Deck.

We are also playing Sol Ring and Command Tower. The deck is at a fairly low power level, needing all the help it can get. For better or worse those two cards are pretty much auto includes in almost every deck in the format.

Like the precon decks we're aiming at in regards to power level, there are also multiple possible commanders in the alternate Niv-Mizzets, Mizzix, Melek, and Tibor & Lumia to change things up if wanted. I suppose I could also cut 40 cards and turn it into a casual Ral / Stitch in Time Oathbreaker deck.


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