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Niv-Mizzet, Incorrigible Megalomaniac | Primer

Commander / EDH Combo Competitive Control Primer Tempo UR (Izzet)


Updated April 2nd, 2020

32nd EDH Deck - Izzet Curiosity Combo Control

87/92 Foiled

7/10 Expedition Lands


"Perfection through Knowledge, Satisfaction through Ruthlessness, Harmony through Acceptance"

I'm the guy who loves playing decks that aren't that popular and will spends thousands of dollars refining them until I deem them complete, yes I am that type of person. I been introduced to Magic the Gathering back in middle school in the year of 2003, the block that I started in was the Kamigawa block and I found it very interesting. During that time I played a constructed deck on and off and eventually life happened and I stopped playing, flash forward almost exactly ten years later and I joined an anime/otaku club. Here I met people playing MTG and I also started getting back into it. Currently I am an avid competitive EDH player who has a tendency to play combo/control decks, I absolutely hate to lose but I enjoy a great match. I've been known in my group as always being threatening and able to win out of the blue so they love to make my life hard and deny me all of my resources, as you will see the reason a lot of my decks are built to win either with flair or questionable commanders. Now enough about me, go read further below that's what you actually came here for!

T'was a time long long long ago where I once wanted to build Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind, but alas there was other players in my LGS who also had Niv-Mizzet decks. With me being who I am, I did not like building decks that other players currently have, so that dream of building a Niv-Mizzet deck was put onto the back burner. Now coming again nearly a couple months after the release of Guild of Ravnica, Niv-Mizzet has been reprinted into the best version of himself and with no one else building him, I felt like it was time to bring one of my dreams into a reality.

Originally this was built from the remnants of my dear Intet and Kess (may they live long in my history of scrapped decks). I wanted to build a deck that absolutely shits on dorks as well as enough control power to tell people No in addition to having a lot of draw power. Niv-Mizzet fulfilled all the conditions and than it came into fruition. The result you see here today is a list that I have play tested and adjusted to my meta and will continue to change as my meta changes. It went through only a couple changes so far with slight tuning and adjustments, but without further ado, I present you Niv-Mizzet the Incorrigible Megalomaniac!

Deck Breakdown

Niv-Mizzet, Parun

I believe in my personal opinion that this is the strongest iteration of Niv-Mizzet that they have printed in the colors. Niv-Mizzet does everything you want him to do and also gives homage back to his first and original printing. Let's start with the relevant facts on his text. Niv-Mizzet can't be countered, this is essential since his casting cost is , this at the bare minimum protects you from counterspells so at least you can guarantee Nivvie resolving. Nivvie's next ability is the homage back to his original printing, "Whenever you draw a card, Niv-Mizzet, Parun deals 1 damage to any target." This is useful when we are going for our infamous Curiosity combo effects as well as pinging the annoying creatures out on the field. Lastly on Nivvie's card we have his innate draw power on instants and sorceries casted by any player, this gives us the extra reach and card refill that we need to keep pressure on the board. Not to mention that you will at least get at minimum one card before Nivvie goes away. To sum it all up, Niv-Mizzet, Parun is a hell of a card even with that obnoxious color requirement to cast him, but just look at that smug grin Niv has on his face, you know he will mess shit up once he enters the battlefield.

Captain Lannery Storm: I know I get a lot of flak for running this card, but there is a big reason why I do run her. It's because she does produce mana, even at 3 CMC and making the treasure the turn she goes in helps tremendously. We are very color intensive so there isn't much options we have, especially since my meta runs more of the stax variants as well.

Dockside Extortionist: One of the best additions in the deck, ultimately ramps you and gives you access to so much mana. Even better when there are multiple artifacts/enchantments on the board.

Gilded Drake: Extremely helpful when there is another opposing drake who stole your commander or when there is a value commander out on the battlefield.

Glint-Horn Buccaneer: Back up win condition, we are able to keep a full hand usually. This takes advantage of our full hand and be able to win the game with it!

Imperial Recruiter: Mainly goes for Dockside Extortionist but can also tutor for protection with Spellskite or grabs or win condition with either Tandem or Glinthorn.

Spellskite: Protection and redirection. One of the best anti pieces out there for the small payment of 2 life! I have nothing but good things for this little guy.

Tandem Lookout: One of our win conditions, nuff said.

All mana rock cards are self explanatory.

Cursed Totem: Pure asymmetrical value, shuts down dorks and combo pieces.

Grafdigger's Cage: Tech'ed in against those cheaty like effects, great card all around since it does not bother us in any way as well.

Sensei's Divining Top: Staple in control decks, top deck manipulation is key when you need quality of card selection.

Blood Moon: We are assholes, this doesn't affect us as much as other 3C+ decks as their whole deck can be shut off by this one single card.

Copy Artifact: Value card, copies rocks when we need it. Used to be in here for dual scepter win condition. But at the moment it also helps turn on Mox Opal as well.

Curiosity: Plan A, our infamous traditional combo, the "Oops I infinite." Yeah greatness at any cost.

Mystic Remora: Fishy, Fishy in the sea, won't you let me draw all the cards for me?

Ophidian Eye: The unsuspecting flash win Curiosity route.

Rhystic Study: One of our best friends, card advantage is always key.

Stranglehold: Meta card. Prevents a lot of things from happening as well as stupid stuff, also hard to destroy so that's a bonus as well.

All counterspells and card draw are self explanatory.

Blink of an Eye: We needed more bounce effects due to the stax, been highly useful so far, and the kicker draw has been clutch.

Chain of Vapor: We are running light creature build as well as mainly rocks, plus in Izzet we have minimal removal on enchantments, this is one way to get rid of them.

Cyclonic Rift: Blue staple, makes people scoop games apparently, all around great card.

Frantic Search: Since we are going a tad more colorless heavy, this makes use of our colorless mana into casting Nivvie as well as filtering the excess lands we draw.

Intuition: One of the best tutors we have available to us, gives us options for any situation. Since we run a lot of redundant cards, we can make packages that are relevant.

Mogg Salvage: Being able to free cast an artifact removal has been absolutely great and there is a majority of the time someone going to play an island.

Mystical Tutor: We are a draw go deck, this can grab us 45% of our deck...why not?

Narset's Reversal: Now you let me tutor instead of you...you can do it the turn after.

Snapback: There are just times where you tap out completely, this helps protect Niv or gets rid of say....Laboratory Maniac.

All card draw are self explanatory.

Merchant Scroll: Relevance in protecting Niv, or set up for win.

Pyroclasm: Pure value since there are dorks that run rampant in our meta, that and it gets rid of Tymna shenanigans.

Vandalblast: Pure asymmetrical value, especially in a cluttered game.

Winds of Change: Hand reshuffle as well as killing the last bit of the table when Niv have enough cards in the library.

By Force: Extremely great against those players with the fast mana starts.

Cryptic Command: Triple makes decision hard for you. At the same time all the options are relevant. A card to include based on your meta.

Dig Through Time: This card goes in and out. Sometimes we run it sometimes we don't depends on the meta and how grindy it gets. I like it because it does let you see 7 cards deep and allows you to select.

Dizzy Spell: With the amount of draw power we have, it generally becomes an obsolete card in hand with the limited amount of slots we have. We are better in the mid-game to long-game and don't need to win fast.

Dramatic Reversal: Since we aren't really running the Isochron Combo, this card comes out. At the same time untapping rocks for colors can help. So it depends on how fast you want Nivvie to come out.

Drawn from Dreams: Testing this card out since we do need more card draw and a Dig for 4 mana ain't so bad.

Isochron Scepter: Originally slotted in for the previous iteration, but was a tad bit too slow for my current meta and wasted slots. At the current moment it's not worth the inclusion for this deck build.

Lightning Bolt: Now people say bolt is bad, normally I would agree, but in cEDH 3 damage to any target is highly relevant. Not to mention it's a target for dual scepter infinites.

Mission Briefing: Might go back in, just to flashback Winds of Change as well as pure value of reusing spells.

Mystic Confluence: Goes in and out, is pretty steep in cEDH. However with the amount of colorless mana we can generate it is worth it to draw 3 cards or just having options in general.

Snapcaster Mage: Might go back in, just to flashback Winds of Change as well as pure value of reusing spells.

Our strengths are:

  • Control
  • Resilience
  • Card Advantage
  • Low Curve

We are a pure control deck. The ability to also play some light asymmetrical stax is also a boon to us. Being in the cEDH meta as well means there are instants and sorceries running rampant everywhere. With Nivvie on board that means pure advantage for us as we draw cards and ping the board. Our combo is also fairly easy and hard to stop as well. Once Nivvie is resolved it is only a matter of time before we win, the trick is pretty much playing protect the Queen with Niv on board.

We are fairyly resilient to a lot of hate and the only thing that really stops us is cards like Notion Thief or Narset, Parter of Veils. There is also a lot of interaction since we run an absolute low curve so timing is pretty important as well. All in all Niv is a balanced control deck that has a lot of perks.

Our weakness are:

  • Color Intensity
  • Stax
  • Commander Reliance

Our number one weakness in this deck is the color intensity, producing is a pain in the ass. The result is worth it however that does let us be open for removal if you don't have enough free cast spells to protect Niv. Heavy stax also does stop this deck as well, namely cards like Static Orb and Winter Orb. If we get Niv out ahead of time, stax works in our favor, however if we are behind than it really becomes detrimental.

Another big weakness for us is that our win condition does rely on Niv being on the board as well as having enough cards in your library. We have an alternate way in the form of Glint-Horn Buccaneer but that one is also easily stopped as well. So knowing your opponents and countering main threats are the decisions to make.

This is a damage combo synergy with Niv-Mizzet, Parun. It is not a infinite combo, we do have a finite damage that we can do and it is based upon how many cards you have in your library. The requirements is having Niv-Mizzet on the board and paired with one of these cards.

Curiosity/Ophidian Eye/Tandem Lookout

Due to the wording on Niv-Mizzet. Niv will deal the damage whenever you draw a card, when this effect is paired with any of the aforementioned cards it will cause a loop causing you to draw your whole deck. The damage is based upon how many cards you have left in your library.

Pro Tips

  • Winds of Change is pretty essential, allows us for one more round of damage.
  • Swing with Nivvie and make their life totals lower, makes it easier to kill them off.
  • Curiosity and Ophidian Eye says we may draw a card, however Tandem Lookout does not. Make sure to ping his ass with Nivvie so we don't deck out first.
  • If you have win condition on field, just stare them in the eye and dare them to cast a spell. *Instill the fear.*

This is our alternate win condition in the case where Niv-Mizzet, Parun is unavailable to us. It uses the same combo as our main line above but instead of Niv, we replace it with Glint-Horn Buccaneer. To win using this combo we need one of the cards below enchanted onto Glint-Horn Buccaneer as well as at minimum eight cards in hand.

Curiosity/Ophidian Eye/Tandem Lookout

How does it win?

Due to the wording every time you discard a card Glint-Horn Buccaneer will deal 1 damage to each opponent. With any of the effects listed above used with Glint-Horn Buccaneer you will draw cards every time you ping your opponents. With this combo we abuse the clean up step on discarding your hand back to hand size. Every card we discard nets us three more cards. This also sets another round of priority to go back to the cleanup step, and we continue to repeat this until we kill the table.

Here is the math provided we start from eight cards in hand.

  • 8 cards in hand, discard 1 = +3 cards, 1 damage to opponents. Total 1 damage to each opponent.
  • 10 cards in hand, discard 3 = +9 cards, 3 damage to opponents. Total 4 damage to each opponent.
  • 16 cards in hand, discard 9 = +27 cards, 9 damage to opponents. Total 13 damage to each opponent.
  • 34 cards in hand, discard 27 = +81 cards, 27 damage to opponents. Total 40 damage to each opponent.

Pro Tips

  • Every card discarded creates a singular Glint-Horn Trigger, so Whirlwind Denial does fuck us.
  • We need at least 39 cards still in the deck to pull off this combo.
  • Curiosity and Ophidian Eye says we may draw a card, however Tandem Lookout does not. Make sure to bounce his ass before resolving that last draw step or we will deck out first and lose the game.

Combo not used in current iteration.

This is an infinite combo. The requirement for this is having mana rocks that is able to produce 3+ mana, Isochron Scepter, and Dramatic Reversal.

How it works is that with Isochron Scepter you imprint Dramatic Scepter to make infinite mana by casting copies of Dramatic Reversal and untapping your mana rocks. You need 2 mana to start the combo, and 2 from the mana rocks to keep on activating the Scepter, any additional mana will lead you to netting mana.

This by itself is a win condition with Niv-Mizzet as whenever you cast a spell you draw a card, and with the way Isochron Scepter is worded, you are casting the copied spell. Leading to infinite activations of Niv.

Combo not used in current iteration.

This is also another infinite combo used in conjunction with the aforementioned one above. In addition to the combo we are also using Copy Artifact. Once we have infinite mana, we cast Copy Artifact making a copy of the Isochron Scepter and imprinting one of the following below to make infinite copies of them to end the game.

  • Lightning Bolt - Infinite Damage
  • Swan Song - Infinite 2/2 Birdies (Counter your own spell to make infinite birbs)

Deck Piloting

Focus on holding mana up, accelerating and ramping when needed, and establishing a CA engine when we get the chance. Planning for mid game is essential, pre-emptively putting down stax pieces like Cursed Totem or Blood Moon also helps tremendously. Cantrips and the works are also good, but be aware of it when going against Flash Hulk decks. It's better to be safe than sorry when you see them having only having two mana accessible, passing the turn and playing draw go is best in these situations.

This is where we shine a tad bit more, these gives us more options to have more leeway with cantrips or just selective denial. If you have the chance to cast Nivvie and able to protect him, go for it! Most of the time if it gets back to your turn while having open mana, that is the best possible situation you can hope for. Being patient is a virtue that we like the most. Most of the time this is the time where we can combo out, but if not just sit back accrue advantage until your win condition comes to you. Apply pressure on your opponents life total because every last bit counts.

Optimally this is where control decks shine, at the same time this can also mean we been stax'ed out a shit ton and it pushed us to late game. Generally we should have more advantage as we excel more in late game, countering game ending spells is what we prey upon and getting a Nivvie to stay on the board is our main priority. If not, fall back to our back up line with Glint-Horn Buccaneer and wait until you can protect your combo or force everyone to tap out.

Optimally what you want to have in your hand will be something akin to:

  • 2-3 Lands, prioritize
  • 2-3 Interaction/Stax
  • 1-2 Ramp
  • 1-2 Card draw spells or CA Engine

We have a pretty easy way to decide our hand. Our goal is to get Nivvie out protected and play protect the Queen. It is always essential to have some sort of card drawing engine out, whether it be Nivvie itself or Mystic Remora/Rhystic Study. Hand can be slow as we like to accumulate resources and always hold up mana. So having interaction spells is always key, minimum amount is two spells. A majority of the time we will be able to draw into the rest of the cards we need.

If there are any comments on how I can improve my deck more, please let me know!!

+1 Here if ya like Nivvie!!!


Updates Add

Yo its been awhile, finally had some time to update the deck. Did some minor tweaks and added in a couple more in-depth writing. Lemme know if there is anything I should clarify upon!

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