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Nissa's Sun




This deck is currently being adjusted, the whole point is to remain in the game until you get an Approach of the Second Sun off twice. Other than that it's a majorly fun stall deck that gives you quite a bit of ramp, while remaining unpredictable.

Looking to possibly:

Swap around creatures Remove all creatures and use tokens May swap to something that adds lots of counters to keep ramps going and utilize Walking Ballista more

Open to suggestions!

Deck's I've beaten so far:

Mardu Vehicles (Very long and drawn out games) Ishkanah (very difficult with a version my brother uses, focuses on high board kill, and fast damage) Mono-Red (No competition) Mono-Blue ( LOADS OF STALLING to get to completion) White/Black Zombies (Easy back and forth games)

Update: HUGE OVERHALL, so far tested after every completed match-up I've had and went very smoothly. Throwing down at 9/10 Games. Updated lands, creature base, and spell base, your opponent won't know what the heck is going on until it's too late!

Update: Removed 1x Cancel from mainboard for 1x Treasure Map. Cut 1x Ajani Unyielding for another 1x Ramunap Excavator. Pulled 2x Riddleform for 2x Search for Azcanta. These changes allow 1 more creature to hit the field, and be able to utilize Nissa's final ability more-so as an alternate win condition.

5/29/2018 Adjusted to the Meta. Tons of new options, TOP 8 A LOT lately.


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