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Nissa's Fort - NO BOYS ALLOWED

Standard Ramp RUG (Temur)




Hi, my name is Nissa.

I like stuff that sparkles, HUGE pets, and building forts - NO BOYS ALLOWED.

If you want to hang out and talk about fashion (Chandra says is in this season, Lili says that full body tattoos are making a comeback), just drop by.

is appreciated if you like this deck, or add it to one of your folders.

Or are a Princess.

C'mon, show some girly love.

Early Game

Mid Game

Late Game

  • Big Creatures should be ready to whack your Oponent down to 0 life.

  • Plated Crusher is tricky to remove due to being Hecproof.

  • Soul of the Harvest gives extra draw.

  • Deceiver of Form can help by simulating a Scry or finish the game by making all Creatures huge.


This deck is a straight Ramp and beat down deck.


I have tried to make this deck so that just about any colour can be used within the first two moves.

There are Creature Lands in order to push final damage through, or act as late blockers.

Blossoming Defense can save a Creature from being destroyed or push a final bit of damage through.

Disallow Counters a threat.

Dissenter's Deliverance gets rid of an Artifact such as Heart of Kiran or Aetherworks Marvel (RIP).

Heroic Intervention protects Creatures from board wipe, or targetted removal.

Magma Spray an extra copy to remove a key Zombie or Scrapheap Scrounger.



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