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Nissa, Voice of Marit Lage

Oathbreaker Combo Mono-Green Stax



Nissa, Voice of Zendikar // Nissa's Triumph

Oathbreaker deck

The basic game plan is to play turn one acceleration into turn two Nissa, into turn three triumph.

If your opponents don't have much defense, go for the depths/stage combo.

If you need to set up an engine, grab inventor's fair and two artifact lands. Once you have one more artifact, get crucible with the fair. If you have loam, grab the cycling lands. You should be able to generate serious long game value with either of these setups.

There are a few more packages in the deck to play around with.

GSZ - for arbor, or whatever piece best for the situation. You have grave hate, Mana dorks, land cheaters, counter hate, and creature protection in your toolbox.

Natural order - use it if you need a hate piece, or, if the coast is more clear, grab Vorinclex.

On top of the praetor, there is an assortment of stax pieces that can be found with the inventor's fair.

The rest of the cards are efficient green spells (library, beast within, etc).

The deck can attempt to combo off or lock down the board. The cheap commander and signature spell makes it hard to stop the deck early. The combo is land based making it hard to interact with.

EDIT: Found out two of my cards were banned. Thanks guys! Took out Sylvan primordial, natural order, and vorinclex. Put in reclamation sage, survival of the fittest, and arbor elf. Cheap creatures work best with the new tutor package.


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