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Nissa, Steward of Counters

Oathbreaker GU (Simic)


Hi and welcome to my first Oathbreaker deck featuring my favourite Planeswalker, Nissa, Steward of Elements and her partner in crime, Worldly Tutor

Nissa, Steward of Elements is such a great supporting planeswalker for the deck. While it doesn't directly affect the overall theme of +1 counters like Jiang Yanggu, Wildcrafter would, Nissa provides great top deck manipulation with her +2 and a super powerful 0 ability. Nissa usually hits the field between turns 2-3 in the early game which is quite quick for a walker of her power. If left alone and kept safe on around 6 loyalty you can hit most cards off the top of your deck with her 0 ability.

While the deck is mostly built around a +! counters theme it has a subtheme to synergize with Nissa's 0 ability. This is why we use Worldly Tutor as our signature spell. With Worldly Tutor we can search for any creature we need, stick it on top of our library and (hopefully) put it onto the battlefield with Nissa. To help this, we have Cavilier of Gales to help along with Vizier of the Menagerie to let us peek at the top.

As mentioned, the main part of the deck is trying to chain some synergy between out +1 counters and out +1 payoff columns. Forgotten Ancient can keep gaining value while our opponents play our their game. Master Biomancer makes our stuff big as soon as it comes in, especially if you can get a proliferate engine going from Evolution Sage to pump him bigger. Once we have our big dudes Herald of Secret Streams , Champion of Lambholdt and Skatewing Spy give us some evasion so we can sneak through the damage.

The deck is quite light on removal in general and most of my playgroup play artifact-based which is why we have Bane of Progress , Trygon Predator and Manglehorn in the deck for this. These can be swapped out if you choose. We also run a few counterspells for dire situations.

That's it for my first Oathbreaker deck. If you liked it, please feel free to check out my EDH decks below:

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