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Nissa: Believe In Your Elf!

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The main idea here is to play as many Elves as possible and exploit Joraga Warcaller 's MULITKICKER. To recover from heavy removal and board wipes Nissa Revane is wonderful for keeping a constant presence on the battlefield and Lead the Stampede can potentially be a "draw 5" to get more Elves in hand to play. Bow of Nylea is terrific in here for removing would-be profitable blocking from the opponent, ping flyers, retrieve fallen elves or just nice mana dump to pump up Joraga.

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"Life grows everywhere. My kin merely find those places where it grows strongest." —Nissa Revane


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I have removed 2x Forest to make room for Nylea's Presence to act as a set up finisher with Elvish Champion . The fact that it replaces itself makes it worth running in the mainboard and easy enough to become sideboard fodder as needed.

I have decided to reduce the number of Lead the Stampede in favor of putting Wrap in Vigor in the mainboard to combat Supreme Verdict / Anger of the Gods rather than just be able to recover/hopefully draw five more elves after a boardwipe. Im also making this descision because of the growing amount of relevant non-creature spells in this deck.

This has lead me to make room for Raking Canopy in the sideboard. Spirits has gotten a lot of tribal support lately so im hoping this can be brought in to wipe that smug look on their face the way it did against Faeries once upon a time.

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