Silent but Deadly

This deck is centered around abusing Yuriko's ability for card draw, and maximizing damage output using card selection. There's a few twister & ponder effects to prevent from decking out and to reload your hand if required. Our card draw is on a stick so ponder is mainly for selection rather than draws.

Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow is the prime focus of this deck. You will be playing tons of ninjas, and practically assassinating them in a single strike (sometimes) The goal using her is to play a few ninjas that will get through, and use her ability after stacking the top of your library to burn out your opponents. You will get archenemied really quickly, since she can dodge commander tax using ninjitsu.

Goals: - Control the board - Stack your library - Attack for lethal


Insidious Dreams itself stacks the top of your library for a heavy win if desired. Lim-Dul's Vault is for the same goal, however it's very situation. Can be used just to eliminate dead cards. Scheming Symmetry + Fallen Shinobi will wreck friendships.

Going forward

This is a solid primer of what the deck is about. From here you can focus on Yuriko's ability more, or just ninja tribal. You still will need unblockers & big spells to get the most out of her. The maybeboard is small, mainly because throwing the final few cards would make this deck go way out of my personal budget. They're for the future.

What to change from maybeboard:

Scroll Rack > Bolas's Citadel or Portent

Bitterblossom > Smoke Shroud

Sensei's Divining Top > Coastal Piracy

Nether Traitor > Hope of Ghirapur

Echo of Eons > Telling Time

Quietus Spike > Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive

Thanks for yer time, and thanks to /u/TechnicalHiccup & _/u/spaceoddity___ on /r/EDH for their advice on brewing this. More feedback is always welcome.


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