“Float like a butterfly and hit like a truck.”

Prime Free Shipping with Primal Surge :

Step 1: Have Nikya of the Old Ways and Temur Sabertooth on the field with Primal Surge in hand.

Step 2: Have minimum 12 Mana available to cast sorcery and a active abilities.

Step 3: Float all Mana, bounce Nicky back with the tiger, and unleash Amazon Prime upon the field with free shipping.

Notes: Vexing Shusher helps with security but requires one more R/G Mana. Step 1 can be done without a bounce with Regal Behemoth or Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger

The “ Shaman of Forgotten Ways ” Way:

If you start with this dork in your hand with other ramp spells and lands, you might be able to win with his second ability if your opponents don’t have other creatures out... :)

Infinite Flicker ETB:

So this takes some cards to get out but it works. Temur Sabertooth bounce ability with preferably Magus of the Candelabra along with a haste giving component such as Ogre Battledriver or Urabrask the Hidden to tap Magus or Satyr upon entering the battlefield which creates an infinite mana combo to untap all lands infinitely with Nikya of the Old Ways (or Regal Behemoth / Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger out) to double mana output per land.


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Took out any sorcery ramp and substituted for mana dorks (permanents) for Primal Surge


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