Riku of Ridiculous Tokens is dead. Long live Nightmare Riku!

Ramp, cantrip, tutor, and copy your way to success with a smorgasbord of infinite combos!

1) Pestermite/Deceiver Exarch/Zealous Conscripts/Bounding Krasis + Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker/Splinter Twin : Modern players, rejoice/weep! The combo that warped a format lives on forever in EDH!

2) Riku of Two Reflections + Palinchron : The famous one-card combo that (in my opinion) should be an auto-include in all Riku decks, regardless of their archetype. Copy Palinchron when it enters, stack the triggers so that you untap your lands twice, and end with the original Palinchron back in your hand. Then continue forever! If you have Desolate Lighthouse on the field, make it one of your untaps so you can draw through your entire deck, arbitrarily looting until you find another combo piece or three.

3) Earthcraft + Squirrel Nest : What's more fun than winning with infinite Illusions and/or hasty creatures? Winning with an infinite army of squirrels!

4) Deadeye Navigator + Peregrine Drake/Palinchron: everyone's favorite mono-blue combo piece gets two buddies to play with here! Soulbond, blink, make infinite mana, profit. The Desolate Lighthouse draw engine also works here.

5) Earthcraft + Avenger of Zendikar + Deadeye Navigator : Infinite mana, infinite plants. Go nuts.

6) Eternal Witness + Time Warp + Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker/Splinter Twin : Infinite turns by casting Time Warp, copying Eternal Witness, and repeating on each subsequent turn.

Thank you for taking the time to read this entire description. Upvotes and suggestions are always appreciated!


Updates Add

I realized that the Intruder Alarm combo suite was less effective than I'd desired, so I removed that and Acidic Slime, replacing them with Spoils of Victory and Creeping Mold. Blue Sun's Zenith was pitched in favor of Serum Visions, due to its lower cost and easier duplication. Strip Mine was also cast aside, replaced with Search for Tomorrow, because of less need for land destruction in my meta (plus Creeping Mold fills the...mold...nicely.

Thanks for checking in!


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