*NOTICE: I am currently play testing Temporal Trespass as my signature spell. The normal SS is Flood of Recollection, but I’m trying to see how the extra turns help me with finishing the game, since I’m not playing the most aggressive color. In theory, Trespass will allow me to attack for double damage or more, or give an extra opportunity to get back in the game with another turn.

I’ve really enjoyed Flood as the SS spell, as it creates an instant toolbox at all times, but I’ve found in most games (ahead or behind) it just helps me stall but not actually end the game. Also considering a more aggressive approach with Rise from the Tides to end the game with a swarm of zombies.*

I got bored and wanted to give arguably the worst planeswalker ever printed a shot. I’m absolutely in love with the alternate art, and wanted to do my best to make it work.

The game plan is to use Jace’s +1 in combination with Flood of Recollection to dig through our deck, control your draw, and turn our GY into a toolbox and allowing us to get any instant or sorcery back from our GY for just UU. Torrential Gearhulk, Mission Briefing, and Bond of Insight also assist with the role of getting exactly what we need back in our hand to keep our opponent(s) on their heels.

The deck includes draw cards with flashback such as Think Twice, Scour All Possibilities, and Deep Analysis as well as a sprinkling of cards that can be sent to the GY for later utility like Champion of Wits and Kederekt Leviathan. These cards can not only be sent from our hand or library safely to our GY to be cast later, but also add double value with the potential to be cast twice!

Being able to dig through the deck and manipulate our draw allows us to find answers and control the board. Jace’s -3 can be used to help along the way, returning a nonland permanent to the opponent’s hand. Jace is supported by multiple sources of boardwipe, as well as spot removal (Unsubstantiate/Silent Departure), and a couple of counterspells as well. Devestation Tide is a favorite, as it can be manipulated to the top and played with its Miracle cost.

To end the game the deck is filled with heavy hitting creatures with evasion. Tempest Djinn, God-Eternal Kefnet, Dream Eater, and Docent of Perfection all hit high and hard, with the Docent allowing us to go wide, or chump block while sustaining the aerial assault. Torrential Gearhulk and Kederekt Leviathan also hit hard with big bodies, but don’t have any evasion.

A mono-blue zombie deck is another idea I’m entertaining as well. The signature spell would be Rise from the Tides, which would act as a finisher, swarming the field with zombie tokens to try and win. Further support would come from the inclusion of amass, and Stitcher Geralf, giving us an even wider board. Eternal Skylord gives the tokens evasion, insuring damage gets through. I actually like this idea better, and feel it has more flavor, but so far I’ve found the deck runs more smoothly with Mystic Speculation.

Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated. There was almost nothing online to go off of, with only one deck uploaded on EDHREC. A search for Oathbreaker decks with The Living Guildpact at the helm yielded one result; this deck.


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